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Why Is a Fax Confirmation Page Important When Sending and Receiving a Fax?

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In the modern days, fax remains one of the safest methods of sending sensitive information. Faxing is still a common practice in industries like healthcare, finance, or real estate. Of course, like with every other part of our lives, technology … Read more

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Scan and Fax from iPhone in 5 Easy Steps

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For many companies, faxing is an integral part of how they do business – it’s how they prefer to receive and send documents. Not everyone has a fax machine though, so what can you do if you have to scan … Read more

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The 9 Best Android Fax Apps in 2023

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Sending faxes online is the new norm in the world of faxing. After all, we use our phones and computers to accomplish many tasks, including sending encrypted documents and data. Nowadays, it’s not really a challenge to find a well-equipped, … Read more

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How To Fax From Microsoft 365

Contrary to popular belief, faxing has not gone anywhere and continues to eb used by millions of businesses worldwide on a daily basis. This reliable near-instant communication tool is still viewed as a trusted means of sharing physical documents and … Read more

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14 Places Where You Can Fax in 2022

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Some people may think that faxing is a thing of the past, given that many companies have moved on to more modern technologies, such as email and instant messaging. However, many businesses still use fax machines today for various reasons.… Read more