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Best Fax Machines for Business and Home

Discover the best fax machines for business and home, balancing efficiency and performance. From all-in-one models that print, scan, and copy, to dedicated fax solutions with high-speed modems and ample memory, these machines can handle all your faxing needs seamlessly.… Read more

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How Much Does a Fax Line Cost?

fax machine on a desk

A dedicated fax line is just a regular phone line that businesses use only for sending and receiving faxes. It helps avoid interruptions by being solely for faxing, making the process smoother and more reliable. Whether it’s transmitting legal documents, Read more

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How much does a fax machine cost?

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Fax machines have been around for decades to send and receive documents and simple images via phone lines. They provide a reliable way to send documents securely and quickly, which is essential for many companies in the United States. 

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How to Fax From Adobe Acrobat?

pdf file

Although faxing documents seem old-fashioned, it’s critical in ideal business settings. 

Despite its prowess as a PDF editor, Adobe Acrobat doesn’t have built-in faxing functionality. While you can create polished PDFs perfect for faxing in Acrobat, you’ll need a separate … Read more

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How to fax forms?


If you’re looking for information on how to fax a form, you’ve landed in the right place. 

This article will discuss three easy ways to fax a form – from a mobile device, a computer, and a fax machine. 


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Can I send a fax with Skype?


In today’s technology age, full of multifunctional apps and services, it’s valid to ask, “Can I fax with Skype?”

This article answers this question and discusses key faxing options you’ll find helpful. 

Fax with Skype – Yes or No?

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How to Fax From a Samsung Phone?

Samsung cellphones
You might have noticed that traditional fax machines are becoming a rare sight these days. With most people switching to an online faxing service to send and receive documents, these wonderful contraptions of old are almost a thing of the Read more

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How to Fax from a Scanner

how to fax from a scanner
Whether you use an online faxing service or a traditional fax machine, the process of sending a fax from a scanner is straightforward. This guide will walk you through the steps on how to fax from a scanner.

Faxing from

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How to Fix a Fax Machine Busy Signal?

Dealing with a busy signal on your fax machine can be a real headache, especially when you’ve got important documents to send. This problem usually means the fax line is already being used or there’s a hiccup in the connection. Read more

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How to Set up a Fax Machine?

a fax machine on a desk
Fax machines have served us well over the decades, quietly taking up residence in the corner of most offices and workplaces, reliably sending and receiving important documents worldwide. 

Inevitably, modern technology and the rise of digital communications have displaced the Read more