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Where Can I Go to Send a Fax? 7 Good Options and 1 Great One.

where to go to send a fax

With so many other ways to send documents, isn’t faxing obsolete? Surprisingly, the answer is no. Faxing remains a popular way to send documents, especially in particular sectors like finance, healthcare, real estate, manufacturing, and others.

In some sectors, and for some companies fax usage is actually growing!In a 2017 global survey of 200 large firms (500+ employees), 82 percent of them had sent the same or even more faxes than they had in 2016.

Still, many of us don’t send enough faxes to justify keeping a fax machine at home. So where does one go for sending a fax? f you haven’t faxed recently, you may not know where to turn. That’s where we can help out. We go through your best options for sending a fax.

First, Why Even Send Faxes?

Why would someone need to send a fax today? For one thing, it’s a way of sending official documents that has mass acceptance across many industries. For example, even though electronic signatures are considered valid in the vast majority of cases, individual companies may require a real signature. In addition to this, privacy concerns may make emailing certain documents verboten while faxing is acceptable. This is often the case when you are dealing with medical records or contracts. In fact, it wasn’t until very recently that digital prescriptions were acceptable for certain, narcotic medications. Finally, some people simply don’t use email, and they need a way to send and receive documents.

Now that the “why” is out of the way, let’s look at “where” to go. Here are 7 good options, and one great one!

1. Your Public Library

It would be virtually impossible to overstate what your local library can do for you. In addition to checking out books, surfing the internet, and accessing a variety of other resources, many libraries offer faxing services. Even better, the fee for sending documents is nominal, sometimes even free. Before you spend money on more expensive faxing services, check with your local librarian.

2. Your Bank

Take a look at the fine print on your bank account paperwork. In many cases, you’ll find that you have access to additional services. For example, you may be able to have your documents notarized at no cost to you. In many instances, free or reduced cost fax services are also included.

Of course, this all depends on the specific policies of your bank or credit union. Some will only fax documents that are directly related to your business with them. Others may charge a small fee per page, even if you are a customer.

3. Printing/Copying Centers And Office Supply Stores

If you have a nearby source for printing business cards and flyers, there’s a good chance that you can get fax services there as well. This is true for both chain stores like Fedex and UPS as well as locally owned shops as well.

Another option available to you is your local office supply store. Retailers like Staples and OfficeMax will fax your documents for you. They’ll also receive faxes on your behalf. The only downside is that you may have to wait in line when the store is busy. You’ll also pay a pretty steep fee. In fact, you should expect to pay more than $1.00 per page. That can really add up if you have large documents to send.

4. Your Grocery Store Customer Service Center

You may have noticed your local grocery store has begun to evolve. Larger, ‘superstores’ often have postal offices, hair salons, fast food restaurants, banking centers, even office services. Oftentimes, this includes copying and fax services. To find out if this is available at your local grocery store or mass market retailer, just ask. You could take care of your faxing needs and grocery shopping in a single trip.

A potential downside is that the prices aren’t always competitive. In addition to that, if fax services aren’t commonly used, you may have trouble finding an employee who actually knows how to operate the equipment.

5. Your Hotel Front Desk

What can you do if you need to fax something while you’re traveling? Fortunately, you may not have to venture away from your hotel. Check with the front desk staff, they may be willing to send a fax for you.

If you happen to stay at a hotel that caters to business travelers, sending a fax may be even easier. Your hotel may have an office or business center where you can access printers, fax machines, phones, and computers. Be sure to inquire about costs before you use these services. Otherwise, you could find an unpleasant surprise when you’re billed for your stay.

6. Truck Stops/Convenience Stores

For truck drivers and other travelers, a truck stop is more than a place for food and fuel. It’s a place to shower, rest, and connect with the people back home and at the office. To  help with this, truck stops and convenience stores such as Loves Travel Stores offer internet access, Western Union services, and faxing.

As you might expect, you’ll pay for these services. You may also have to wait awhile if lines are particularly long.

7. Co-working Spaces

A co-working space is a shared workspace where you can access many of the amenities that are commonly found in offices. By paying a monthly rental fee, you can make use of printers, desk space, conference rooms, white boards, meeting areas, and also faxing capabilities.

8. A Great Option: Your Computer or Phone

While the options listed above can certainly work in a pinch, they can be pretty inconvenient. As in you actually have to “go” somewhere to send your fax. Naturally, you may have to contend with fees, lines, glitchy equipment, and untrained workers. There’s also no guarantee that you’ll have access to these services when you need them.

Why go anywhere?

An online service like Faxburner lets you send and receive faxes using a computer, smartphone app, or even just email – no matter where you are. Download the app and register online and you’ll be provided with a free fax number. Use it to send faxes with your iPhone or Android or send and receive faxes directly from your email address. You can attach documents or use your smartphone camera to create your fax, add signatures, and more.

What could be easier than that? 

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Fax Without a Fax Machine: How to Receive a Fax Online

receive a fax online via your computer, phone or email

Thanks to online fax tools, you no longer need a dedicated fax machine to send and receive faxes. Instead, you can successfully fax documents across a variety of platforms using one account.

If you need to receive a fax online, you can easily do so without a machine. In fact, you can easily receive faxes for free through your supported email accounts, on your PC or laptop, or on your iOS or Android device.

To help you learn more using online fax services to send and receive, keep reading. This piece will focus on ways to receive faxes. Those steps include:

  • How to get your own fax number
  • How to receive faxes directly to your email
  • How to receive a fax through your Android or iOS
  • How to receive incoming faxes on your PC or laptop

You’ll find that it’s both convenient and easy to receive a fax using any device or platform.

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Getting an Online Fax Number to Meet Your Needs

Before you can receive faxes, you need a dedicated fax number, or a temporary one. Once you have this, you’ll be able to use a fax service to send and receive faxes. To get started, choose the Faxburner package that works for you. Both free and paid packages are available.

Keep in mind that the free service offers a temporary number. This is a workable option if you think you’ll only need to receive faxes in the short term. Paid accounts are given a permanent number.

Once you’ve made your choice, you can finish the account creation process to get your fax number. One important note: You’ll provide an email when you create your account. Make sure this is the email where you want to receive inbound faxes.

Receiving Faxes Via Email (Gmail, Yahoo, And Others)

Now that you have your number, you can configure your email to both send faxes and receive them as well. Fortunately, receiving faxes is quite easy. Anytime someone sends faxes online to your Faxburner supplied number, a copy of that fax will be sent to the email address you used to sign up for your account. The fax tool uses special technology to convert incoming faxes.

Once this conversion has taken place, we’ll send you a notification that goes directly to your inbox. You’ll be able to access any faxed documents directly through your email without opening another web page, or starting up a secondary program.

You can help ensure that your email notifications arrive in your inbox by adding to your contacts. This will prevent incoming emails about faxes from landing in your spam folder. Email fax functionality supports any email provider. 

How to Receive a Fax on Android or iOS

The Faxburner app works on both Android and iOS devices. When you receive a fax, you’ll receive a push notification on your smartphone. This means that the incoming fax has been received, and saved to the cloud. As mentioned above, a notification and copy will also be submitted to your email. Once you get the notification, you can view your faxed documents directly through the app.

After you’ve opened the fax documents,  you can take action on them immediately. You may view the documents, mark them up, apply your digital signature, and send them out again via fax, all from your mobile app. You don’t need any additional apps or programs to do this.

Receive Faxes on Your Laptop or PC

You may receive a fax on any desktop or laptop computer using multiple operating systems. This includes windows and Mac OS. The process is essentially the same as receiving and reviewing the fax via the app.

Instead you can simply head to and log in. Any fax that is sent to your fax number will be stored under the “My Faxes” tab.


Naturally, the fax to email feature is another way to receive faxes on your computer. Any fax listed under “My Faxes” will have also been sent to your registered email address. By using your PC or Mac computer to sign in to your email client you’ll have access to your faxed documents, which will be attached to the email for your convenience.

Why Should You Get a Faxburner Fax Number?

Whether you send faxes on a regular basis, or only occasionally, it’s exceptionally helpful to have a fax number and account at the ready. This way, you are ready to send or receive a fax without having a fax machine. You’ll also enjoy the following benefits.

  • You’ll receive faxes 24/7 even when you are offline: Because you have a dedicated fax number, you will receive faxes regardless of your connection.
  • Faxburner uses the latest in encryption technology: Faxes that you send and receive are protected from data leaks with transport layer security protocols.
  • Receive fax from a variety of platforms: There are ways to receive faxes online over your mobile device, email app, or your computer.
  • Multiple pricing tiers: Choose the exact product that is the best fit for your needs. You can receive faxes free (up to 25 pages per month) with a free account.
  • Appropriate for both personal and professional use.

If you need a scalable fax service that works without a fax machine, Faxburner is your number one choice. It is easy to use, secure, and reliable. Most importantly, it has several features that make it one of the most robust choices in online fax apps.

Start receiving faxes online, via app, and in your email for free here.

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How to Fax from a Mac or Macbook Computer

How to fax from any Mac or MacBook

Unlike some PCs which come with an internal fax modem, MacOS hasn’t supported faxing since 2010.

However you absolutely can send and receive faxes from your Mac, and it’s refreshingly easy to do so. In fact, if you have a MacBook Air, iMac, Mac Mini, or MacBook Pro, you don’t need access to a fax server, modem, or fax machine.

All you need is an internet connection and a FaxBurner account.

Faxburner is a web app that lets you send and receive faxes from any Mac running any OS X. You can also fax using your iOS smartphone (or your Android if you mix it up).

Faxburner provides several options for sending your faxes online with any Mac or MacBook. Keep reading for detailed instructions on each.

Sending a fax from your Mac using email

It takes mere minutes to start sending or receiving a fax using FaxBurner. Start by creating an account. Options vary from free to paid based on your usage. Once logged in click “Sending Faxes” for quick and easy options.

From the email address you used to create your account start composing a message to

Type the fax number as the subject line. Type cover letter notes in the body of the email. Attach your fax as a PDF. Click send, and you are good to go.

The recipient will receive the fax via fax machine or via email depending on their own faxing setup.

To receive a fax from a mac or other device, simply get your fax number from inside your account and provide it to the sender. Your incoming faxes will be emailed to you attached as a PDF, as well as archived for you in the cloud.

Using Mac productivity apps to send faxes

A similar process can be used for productivity apps such as Keynote, Pages, and Numbers to send faxes.

These steps refer to the Numbers app, but you will follow the same steps to fax from a Mac using Pages or Keynote.

  1. Tap or click on the Numbers app on the Mac device you are using.
  2. Ensure that whatever you have been working on is completed and saved as a PDF.
  3. Find the top menu, then click the share button.
  4. Click on Send a Copy from that menu, and select Mail from that list.
  5. This will bring up the default Mail app for that Mac device. Your document will attach to a new email.
  6. You can also use any mail app that you prefer, so long as it’s the same account that you use for your FaxBurner account.
  7. Make the recipient of the email
  8. Put the fax number you’re faxing to in the subject line.
  9. In the email body type an optional cover letter note.
  10. Attach the documents you want to fax in PDF format.
  11. Send the email, and it will be immediately sent to the recipient. Faxburner converts the attached PDF documents into a fax, and sends them on your behalf from your fax number.

The recipient will be able to open the fax upon receipt. Consider adding the send@faxburner email to your address book to make the process easier.

Or just use your smartphone

The FaxBurner mobile app makes it even easier to send and receive your faxes. Simply click “Send Fax” enter the fax number, type your cover letter notes, and attach your fax.

You can even use your smartphone camera to take photos of documents, as well as add notes and signatures.

A copy of sent faxes can be sent to your email address, and incoming faxes are sent to your email and archived in the cloud. Fast and easy.

Final thoughts on faxing from a Mac

FaxBurner is the fast and easy way to send faxes from any Mac or MacBook without the need for a fax machine, external modem, or fax server. It’s compatible with any Mac OS X. This includes Sierra, High Sierra, Yosemite, and El Capitan. Further, you may also send faxes from apps including Keynotes, Pages, and Numbers.

Get started with a FaxBurner account today!

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How Do You Send a Fax From Gmail?

How to send a fax from gmail

Gmail has earned its place as one of the most popular email providers for personal and business use. It draws in so many users, because it’s easy to use, and it’s rich with features.

One such feature is the ability to send a fax online directly through Gmail just like you would an email attachment. All you have to do is partner your powerful, easy to use Gmail account with your online fax service, such as your FaxBurner account. It couldn’t be easier.

Just follow these simple steps below and you’ll be able to send faxes from your Gmail account in no time.

Create Your FaxBurner Account

This article assumes you have an existing Gmail account. If you don’t, set that up first. Now, go to, and take the option to sign up for our fax services. Choose the package you want. Yes, you can send a fax from Gmail using the free online fax version of our app, but take a moment to consider the benefits of our professional and premier versions.

As you sign up, you’ll be asked to provide an email address. It’s important that you select your Gmail. Once you’ve created your account, and selected a password, you can reserve your fax number. That’s all you need to do through the FaxBurner dashboard.

Return to Gmail to Send Your Fax

Now you can go into Gmail. It doesn’t matter if you use the Gmail app for this, or you use the browser version. Just be certain you log into the same account you used to create your FaxBurner account. You won’t be able to send a fax from Gmail unless if the email is sent from a different account to your FaxBurner login.

Create Your Subject Line

Your subject line should include the fax number of the receiver. This is important. Don’t use your FaxBurner number, otherwise you will only be sending a fax to yourself.

The Body of Your Email

Now, you can type the body of your email. This is optional though. If you do type anything here, that will become the ‘cover letter’ of your fax. This is the benefit of using our online fax service as opposed to a normal fax machine, as you don’t have to spend time deciding upon a fax cover sheet template.

Attach The Documents to be Sent

When sending faxes by email, FaxBurner works with PDF documents (with the app you can fax using photos from your phone).

Fortunately, it’s quite easy to get your documents in that format. Most word processing software or Google Docs will save documents as PDF file type. You can also print a document to a PDF file. There are also PDF conversion tools if you want to do this through a batch process.

Using Google Docs? Just go to File > Download > PDF to convert to a PDF

In any case, you have several options, and most are free.

Just remember to attach your PDF to the email. Otherwise, the recipient of your Gmail fax will get a blank page.

Send The Email – What Happens Now?

Once you attach your file, just hit send!

We then receive your email, and from there, we will match your email to your account. Then, the FaxBurner app software will get to work. The phone number in the subject line will be used as a fax number. The body of your email is converted into a fax cover sheet. Finally, your attached documents will be converted into documents to be faxed. 

Fast and easy!

What Will The Recipient See?

Good news! This process is completely obscured. Your recipient won’t see your email address. All they will see is the fax you sent them from your fax number. It’s as if you are sending a fax from a machine at a local print and copy shop.

Are There Any Limitations?

Only if you have a free fax account. In that case you can send a total of five pages. That should give you the opportunity to send a one-off fax using our software, and to determine whether or not you like our tool. If you do upgrade your account, you’ll have the option to archive your faxes, keep your fax number forever, and send between 500 and 2000 pages every month.

Final Thoughts: Why Send a Fax From Gmail?

For most people, this allows them to send a fax to someone who cannot or will not receive email. For others, using email for sending faxes is necessary to accommodate data security concerns. Whatever your reasons for wanting to send faxes via Gmail, make sure you remember to sign up to FaxBurner and take a look at our additional plans to meet your ongoing fax needs.

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How to Fax a PDF – 3 Awesomely Simple Ways

How to Fax a PDF

PDF stands for Portable Document Format and it’s a very important type of file in the business world. The main benefit of this format is that devices of all kinds can open and read them.

Adobe and other PDF readers can be easily installed on PCs, Macs, iPhones, Androids, and other platforms.

As one of the most common document formats, people often find themselves needing to fax a document that they have as a PDF.

So, how do you fax a PDF?

There are several ways, actually. A couple of them, using email fax services for one, doesn’t even require a fax machine. Online faxing services are especially convenient because they eliminate the need for additional papers completely.

In this article, we’ll cover the most convenient ways of faxing a PDF.

Faxing a PDF Online

FaxBurner is a reliable service that aims to improve and modernize the whole fax experience. Here is how you can fax a PDF using FaxBurner.

  1. Sign Up for a FaxBurner Account

The best thing about FaxBurner is that you can sign up using any of your devices. FaxBurner is available on the iPhone, Android or from your computer.

  1. Get a Fax Number

FaxBurner offers you a fax number instantly with the click of a button. With the  free plan, you can request a free fax number that lasts up to 24 hours. With a premium account, you can keep your number forever.

  1. Send/Receive Faxes

Finally, you can send or receive a fax in minutes. To send your PDF, simply open the app, enter the number you wish to fax to, and attach the PDF as an attachment. Alternatively, you can fax your PDF using email. Just use the email address you used to create your account, type the fax number in the subject line, the cover letter notes in the body of the email, and your PDF as the attachment.

Boom. PDF faxed… no fax machine needed.

You’ll receive a confirmation of the fax in your email.

Use Software on Your PC

If you have a newer version of Windows (10, 8.1, 8, 7), you can take advantage of an awesome built-in fax software. Any version of Windows that’s newer than XP has a built-in fax software that can help you fax a PDF.

All you need to do is type ‘Fax’ in the search bar and then find Windows Fax and Scan Utility. However, an important thing to mention is that you need to have an active landline phone connection.

Faxing a PDF using your computer software is almost identical to sending an email. Windows Fax and Scan lets you fill in information for the cover pages and add fax numbers to the pages of your PDF document.

As soon as you click the Send button, the software collects all the information needed for the other machine to receive the fax.

Print and Fax

There’s nothing wrong with going old-school and faxing off your PDF with a traditional fax machine. You’ll have to print it and fax from home, the office, or an office store that offers fax services.

Of course, the longer the PDF, the more paper, ink, and time you’ll need to use to accomplish the task.

Another downside is that you might get a bit of PDF degradation due to printing. This is because when you print and scan your document, you lose a bit of quality every time.

Fortunately, this can be rectified by avoiding excessive scanning, especially if it’s a very important PDF document.

Summing Up How to Fax a PDF

PDF is one of the most used document formats today. If you find yourself needing to fax a PDF there are many simple ways to do it. Three great options include:

  • Use an online app or email based service like FaxBurner
  • Fax via included software on your Windows PC
  • Print and fax the traditional way