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Best Enterprise Fax Solutions for Businesses in 2023

Cloud Paperwork

Traditional bulky fax machines have become an outdated method of sending and receiving information. Still, faxing is the most secure way of online communication.  

Fortunately, due to the digital era, one can enjoy online faxing without the need to own … Read more

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How to Send a Fax Online

Man working on his laptop with a fax icon layered on top of it

Although many people nowadays claim that faxing is dead and that most companies are moving away from this allegedly outdated form of communication, nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, fax machines are still widely used by hospitals, … Read more

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What Is a Cloud Fax Service?

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Faxing is still thriving. However, instead of obsolete bulky fax machines, now most people use online fax services for sending and receiving documents.

Digital fax services have plenty of advantages including secure data transmission, cost efficiency, easy file management, sustainable … Read more

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Why Is a Fax Confirmation Page Important When Sending and Receiving a Fax?

Person taking a paper from a fax machine

In the modern days, fax remains one of the safest methods of sending sensitive information. Faxing is still a common practice in industries like healthcare, finance, or real estate. Of course, like with every other part of our lives, technology … Read more

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Scan and Fax from iPhone in 5 Easy Steps

hand hold Apple iphone pro

For many companies, faxing is an integral part of how they do business – it’s how they prefer to receive and send documents. Not everyone has a fax machine though, so what can you do if you have to scan … Read more