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What Is a Fax Number, and Why Is It Still Used?


It seems to have disappeared off business cards, company contact details, and application form fields, but there was a time that fax numbers were as common as phone numbers. Hard to believe, we know. But not having a fax number … Read more

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What Is a Fax Machine and How Does It Work?

Fax Machine

Many of you reading this article might never have heard the term fax machine before. Actually, most people under the age of 30 barely know what a fax machine is, and the majority of people over that age assume that … Read more

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How to Send and Receive Fax from Outlook – The Definitive Step-by-Step Guide

Sending fax

Faxing might seem like an outdated form of business communication. However, since faxing incorporates an encrypted connection, there aren’t many safer ways to send and receive important documents. 

What’s better, you no longer have to invest in a fax machine … Read more

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How Much Does It Cost to Fax With UPS?

In today’s world of technological advances, fax isn’t an old-fashioned tool but a service that goes hand in hand with innovation. While you might not use it privately, it is sometimes considered to be a must-have device in business – … Read more