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Best Time-Management Strategies for Successful Entrepreneurs

best time management tips

As an entrepreneur, you have a lot on your plate every day.

At times, it may seem impossible to get everything done.

Yet there are many entrepreneurs out there who are incredibly productive, managing what seems like a double workload.

You might be wondering: How do they do it?

A huge part of success comes down to the ability to manage your time well. If you want to get the most out of your day, here are some of the best time management strategies for successful entrepreneurs.

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An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Prioritizing Your Tasks

How to Prioritize Tasks

Being an entrepreneur is an exhilarating and stressful experience, especially in the beginning. Many people will spend almost every waking moment on their business, which is understandable in the early stages.

However, you also need time to spend with your family and friends. Not only that, you will also need time to just enjoy your life. After all, you wouldn’t want to resent your business because of all of the time it takes up.

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How Businesses Can Earn Customer Trust - 7 Surefire Ways

How to earn and build trust from customers and prospects

Trust is everything in business.

Especially in today’s online world where customers often research businesses before they even consider reaching out or visiting personally. And of course, trust will need to be established before a sale takes place.

But trust makes a world of difference post-sale as well.

When someone finds your company to be reliable, they are more likely to become loyal. That means repeat business, positive reviews and write-ups, and referrals to friends, family, and associates.

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How Many Pages Can Be Faxed at Once?

How many pages can you fax?

You may be wondering, “how many pages can you fax at once?”

Believe it or not, there is actually no page limit for a fax. Of course, this all depends on the software, server, paper and equipment available to you. That is why we present to you some little-known factors you should think about, especially when faxing a lot of pages at one time.

Measuring Fax Files

First of all, you need to consider your file size. An average fax page is about 100K. Say you expand this to be a 5-megabyte file, an often recommended limit, so that’s 50 pages.

It will likely take you about 50 minutes to an hour to send the entire document on a newer model. That’s assuming the pages are text. Pages with heavy imagery will take longer.

Older machines also may not have the same transmission process or speed as more modern machines.

Fax Service (Digital) Capabilities

Software services tend to be the better option for sending larger files. Online faxes register as picture formats and are sent to e-mail as an attachment. Some excellent examples of file formats include PDF, Text, HTML, PNG, JPEG, GIF and TIF.

However, you do need to take note of the type of memory file load used. On average, you can expect to send larger files than the traditional fax machine, with these being able to hold, on average, 64 megabytes.

The Traditional Fax Machine Capabilities

As we all are aware, a traditional fax machine uses a landline connection. A printed file feeds and scans, then sends the information through a line. You will usually hear a dial tone before the confirmed transmission.

This confirmation tone means that the receiving fax machine was able to print the document. That being said, newer models from the year 2000 and up usually have a built-in memory of 50 megabytes.

Other phone line options may use VoIP, but these aren’t commonly recommended. These VoIP networks use services such as Skype, Vonage, Magic Jack, or Google Voice. The machine sends about 3 to 4 pages per transmission, which makes the process slower.

Challenges When You Fax Many Pages

If your fax doesn’t go through, you will receive an “incomplete” notification. This means the document was not accepted and you will need to re-send. To avoid this scenario, here are some suggestions:

  • Send a cover letter that references the number of pages – You can either find a template or make a simple one up. The cover letter can include contact information and any notes you have, including the number of pages. Because the cover letter will be the first page received, the recipient will know if pages are missing.
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    How Many Digits are There in a Fax Number?

    How many digits in a fax number?

    Fax numbers are similar to telephone numbers in that they are assigned to specific fax machines, fax servers, or online fax software. This is so that you can send your fax to the right place.

    But how many digits should there be in a fax number? Well it depends on where the fax is going, where it’s coming from, and some other factors.

    Before you get started, here are some things to know about fax numbers:

    How many digits are there in a fax number?

    Fax numbers are almost identical to phone numbers. For this reason, you’ll need an area code if you are sending the fax outside of your local area.

    Depending on the way the machine or the phone system is set up, you may need to use the number ‘1’ before the area code. After the area code, there are 7 more digits: one group of three and one group of four. This is the same for the United States and Canada.

    As for sending within other countries, they have telephone numbers of varying lengths. The number of digits in those countries’ fax numbers will be different based on the country as well.

    For example, phone and fax numbers from the United Kingdom will have 5 to 8 digits when dialing locally, or 9 to 10 digits when calling a location outside of the current area code. In Australia, a local fax number would have 8 digits, while a non-local one would be preceded by a ‘0’ and then a one-digit area code.

    The number of digits in a fax number varies, depending on the origin and destination of the fax. That is why you absolutely need to make sure you look into the format of the fax number before you send it.

    What about faxing internationally?

    If you are faxing from one country to another, more digits are needed to successfully send your fax. That’s because international calls require additional digits in order to pass through the international switchboard.

    These digits are called exit codes and they vary depending on the country a person is faxing to or from. Sending an online fax from Australia to the US or Canada would require the fax number to be preceded by the exit code ‘0011’ and then ‘1.’ After those numbers, it should be followed by the ten-digit fax number.

    On the other hand, calling that same number from the China, India, the UK, France, or Germany would require two less digits, as the exit code for these countries is only ‘00.’

    Standard fax format

    Although fax numbers will vary by country, there is a guaranteed standard format that these numbers follow. For any international transactions, an exit code is needed, which would add 2 to 4 digits at the beginning of the number.

    Next is typically the number ‘1’ if the call is not local. If the call is indeed not local, an area code will follow the ‘1.’ If a fax is being sent locally, an area code is typically not needed. After that will be the fax number itself. As mentioned previously, the number of digits will vary, but the format used is pretty standard throughout.

    Wrapping up how many digits are in a fax number

    Faxing is a quick, and reliable way to send documents. It’s important to know how a fax number works though, so that you can successfully use the technology. Follow the guidelines above to ensure you’re sending a fax to the right number, whether you’re sending locally, out of area but within your country, or internationally.