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Will a Fax Machine Work with MagicJack?

Magic Jack and Faxing?

MagicJack is gaining popularity these days as it allows you to make free phone calls. All you have to do is to acquire a MagicJack account, phone number and few pieces of equipment to connect it to your phone and PC.

However, you might wonder if your fax machine will work with MagicJack as well. In this article, we’ll tell you more about MagicJack and explain its connection to fax machines.

MagicJack and VoIP

MagicJack is a device that plugs directly into your computer or internet router and allows you to make unlimited phone calls in the United States and Canada. The phone device is plugged in it through a standard phone jack and calls are made through a VoIP network.

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Can Fax Machines Be Hacked?

Can Faxes Be Hacked?

With security being a primary concern these days, you may be wondering, “can fax machines be hacked?” It’s no secret that cyber-criminals hack their way into network systems and websites. What is less known is whether faxes and fax machines meet the same fate. Can people with ill intent intercept these communications as well?

Let’s take a deeper look…

Off the Net

One thing that fax machines have going for them in terms of security is their lack of connection to the world wide web.

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Ways To Increase Productivity at the Office – Infographic

Increasing Office Productivity

Distractions are everywhere in the office.

The result is that employees can find it very challenging to remain focused, and often give in to the temptation to check their phone, mess around on the computer, or talk or text their friends.

According to CareerBuilder, one in five employers notice that their employees are productive for less than five hours. The biggest productivity killer is the cell phone. The internet and simple gossip follows right behind. While you can’t get rid of all distractions, you can change the way your office runs to improve productivity on a daily basis.

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5 Reasons Why Fax is Better Than Email (Sometimes)

when fax is better than email

In the digital age where everything is instant, the old ways of sending important documents have in many cases been replaced by new ones.

A prime example is the use of email instead of fax.

While email is widely preferred and far more prominent, is it better than fax?

In many cases yes, it is.

But there’s a good reason why email has not killed the fax – the reverse can also be true. In today’s post, we’ll discuss some scenarios in which fax is better than email!

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Can You Fax from a Smartphone?

Can i fax from my smartphone?

The average person today has a smartphone in their pocket virtually all day, every day.

With the exception of office access, the average person does not have a fax machine.

So every day people wonder, “Can I fax from my smartphone?”

If you’ve ever wondered if your mobile phone could emulate a fax machine, you’ll be glad to know that technology has indeed made it possible. It’s just one more of a growing list of functions these handy, convenient little devices can perform.

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