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How to Use a Fax Machine

Not as many people use fax machines today as they used to do in the past. Much of that is due to the availability of emails and online fax services.  That said, fax machines are still an important device for … Read more

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How to Fax From Outlook Really Easily

Woman on computer faxing from Outlook

Wondering whether you can send and receive faxes from your Outlook account?

We’ve worked very hard to enable our customers to send and receive faxes via all available means. This includes ensuring that customers can fax from any standard email … Read more

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Why People Still Fax – 4 Practical Modern Day Uses

why people still fax?

There was a time where every office and most households had a fax machine. Clearly, that is no longer the case.

Many offices still have a fax machine, but the average household does not.

In fact, many younger adults have … Read more

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How Do I Send a Fax From My Printer?

send fax from a printer

To some, fax machines may already seem like a thing of the past. Many young people don’t know how they work. Others know, but don’t use them anymore… until they suddenly need to!

That’s because there are still businesses, agencies, … Read more

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How to Receive & Send Faxes from Windows 10 Computers

There was a time when households typically had a fax machine and a dedicated fax line.

But times have changed. As more of our lives and communications have become mobile, we’ve let some of that older technology go. Some of … Read more