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How Much Does a Fax Line Cost?

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A dedicated fax line is just a regular phone line that businesses use only for sending and receiving faxes. It helps avoid interruptions by being solely for faxing, making the process smoother and more reliable. Whether it’s transmitting legal documents, medical records, or signed contracts, a fax line can still be used in some industries. How much does it cost, though? We’ll explain this in more detail below.

How Much Does a Fax Line Cost?

The monthly cost of a fax line can vary anywhere from $3-45, depending on its set-up package. The two most common ways to acquire a fax line include: 

Dedicated Fax Line 

Traditional landline fax lines involve the use of a standard telephone line dedicated exclusively to faxing purposes The monthly cost of an extra phone line for residents is $25-35. Within this amount, you can expect to cover the costs of:

    1. Initial Setup: Setting up a traditional landline fax line typically involves purchasing or leasing fax equipment, such as a fax machine or a multifunction printer with fax capability. Additionally, there may be installation fees if a professional setup is required.
    2. Monthly Subscription Fees: Providers of traditional landline fax services often charge a monthly subscription fee. This fee covers access to the fax line and may include basic features such as a dedicated fax number.
    3. Per-Page Charges for Outgoing/Incoming Faxes: One of the significant ongoing costs of traditional fax lines is the per-page charge for each fax sent or received. These charges can vary depending on the provider and the destination of the fax (local, long-distance, international).

Online Fax Services

Online fax services, like the ones provided by Faxburner, offer a modern alternative to traditional fax lines, utilizing internet technology to send and receive faxes. Here’s a breakdown of the cost factors associated with these services:

    1. Subscription Plans: Online fax services typically offer various subscription plans tailored to different user needs. These plans often range from basic (suitable for occasional users) to premium (designed for heavy users or businesses requiring advanced features). Subscription fees are usually charged on a monthly or annual basis.
    2. Additional Fees: Some online fax services may include additional fees, such as setup fees for creating an account, overage charges for exceeding the allotted fax pages, or usage limits specified in the chosen plan.
    3. Free Trial Options: Many online fax services offer free trial periods, allowing users to test the service before committing to a paid plan. This can be advantageous for evaluating the service’s reliability, features, and suitability for specific faxing needs without upfront financial commitment.

Online fax services provide flexibility, scalability, and often lower costs compared to traditional landline fax solutions. You should be prepared to pay between $0-30 per month for a fax service set up to send and receive documents. 

The free plan offered by Faxburner provides you with a disposable fax number, 25 pages inbound per month / 5 pages outbound (total), as well as email-to-fax and fax-to-email support. The Premier plan, which costs $22.95 per month, will give you a toll-free fax number, 2000 pages inbound and outbound per month, email-to-fax and fax-to-email support, and a permanent fax number.

The Bottom Line

As technology advances, the ways we can fax are also changing. Whether you need to follow the rules in regulated industries or streamline your communication, picking the right fax setup helps everything run smoothly and keeps your messages effective.

Look at the different fax services available, consider their costs, and adjust your plans to fit how communication is changing. Whether you prefer a dependable old-fashioned approach or want to try new digital methods, the decision is yours. Just make sure your choice aligns with both present needs and future growth.