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Send and receive free faxes to your email or iPhone. Take advantage of FaxBurner's free fax online service and start faxing in even less than 30 seconds.…

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Seamlessly turn your iPhone, iPad, or email inbox into a fax machine. Yes, it's that simple! With FaxBurner, you can receive and send online faxes using any device. Get your free fax number today and become part of the online faxing revolution!


Free Fax Numbers

Get your free fax online number in seconds. Request one at any time. Keep it for 24 hours or forever with a premium plan.


Great Features

Take advantage of numerous online faxing features. Using FaxBurner, you can archive faxes, sign faxes online without printing, create multi-page online faxes from photos, and much more!

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Receive and Send Free Faxes Online

With FaxBurner's online fax service, you can receive and send faxes online entirely for free. Get more pages per month with our paid plans.


Fax Online from Email, iPhone or iPad

Download FaxBurner's iPhone and iPad apps, or fax straight from your email, and streamline your online faxing experience.

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Our faxing services are praised by our customers. This is what they have to say about our faxing service:

Best Fax App!

“I’ve tried lots of efax services. This is one is the most reliable, easy to use, affordable and one of few that actually lets you send faxes from your email! I'm always out of the office but get all my faxes in real time! Support is also awesome!”

FaxBurner Excels

“If you frequently need to send faxes on the go, FaxBurner is the best way to send, receive, and organize faxes on a smartphone or tablet… It’s also simple to sign and mark up faxes in the mobile app.”

Mark Smirniotis

“No ads, truly free, took (literally) 20 seconds to register, and it works “right out of the box” – no setup or configuration needed. wish i could give it SIX STARS.”


How Our Online Fax Services Work

Our online fax services tick all the boxes any online fax user wants to hear. FaxBurner's online faxing is fast, straightforward, efficient, and 100% free. Take advantage of our free fax service, and start faxing in three simple steps.


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Sign up for a FaxBurner account online and download our free iPhone app. You will be able to log in online or via the app at any time.


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Request a fax number whenever you need one - it's yours for 24 hours - or upgrade to a premium plan and keep your number forever!


Send and Receive Faxes Online

Once you have your account and fax number, the only thing left is to start faxing. Your iPhone, iPad, or computer works just like a fax machine. Compose, sign, send, and receive faxes online with ease!

Clean, Modern App Design

The FaxBurner app is easy on the eyes… and fingers. Navigate, send, and receive faxes with ease and unmatched efficiency.

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It works! Absolutely FREE

by Cierra B.
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Very Reliable

by jayo7878
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Fax sending and receiving are FREE


Take advantage of FaxBurner's competitive pricing and choose the subscription package that suits your unique needs best.

Free Package


  • Disposable fax number
  • 25-pages inbound per month / 5-pages outbound (total)
  • Email-to-fax support
  • Fax-to-email support
  • Permanent fax number
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$12.95 / mo

  • Toll-free number
  • 500-pages inbound and outbound per month
  • Email-to-fax support
  • Fax-to-email support
  • Permanent fax number
Get Professional


$22.95 / mo

  • Toll-free fax number
  • 2,000-pages inbound and outbound per month
  • Email-to-fax support
  • Fax-to-email support
  • Permanent fax number
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Fax freedom is just a few clicks away. Create an account or download our mobile app for free today!


FaxBurner: Fax to Email Technology

Fax, facsimile, telefax or telefacsimile is the name for the telephonic transmission of documents i.e. text or images to another telephone number connected to a printer or output device of some sort.

In a time where the internet has taken over almost every single aspect of our lives, many are asking are fax machines obsolete? The reality, however, is that faxing is still widely used today. That’s especially true in heavily regulated industries like finance, which rely on facsimile technology and legally binding fax signatures.

With FaxBurner, sending a fax is now as easy as sending an email. FaxBurner uses fax to email technology that allows your incoming faxes to be conveniently transformed into emails, using PDFs, as well stored on your mobile device. The simplicity, and the fact that many businesses still recognize faxing as an important mode of business communication leaves few wondering why do people still use fax

In a time where data leaks and hacks are a constant problem, it’s natural to ask if fax machines can be hacked. Fortunately, FaxBurner can provide you with peace of mind thanks to our TLS (Transport Layer Security) protocols which keep your faxes secure. As a reputable 10 year old company, we’re committed to keeping your faxes secure.

Having been around more than half a century, the history of fax technology is rich. It has been integrated into many business process systems like Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. This makes transferring of documents and information easier than ever before.

Why FaxBurner?

The abundance of services and apps dedicated to sending and receiving faxes clearly shows that facsimile technology is indeed still prevalent today. FaxBurner allows users to send a limited number of free faxes. Start sending and receiving faxes using your very own custom phone number within seconds! It's free faxing at your fingertips.

In addition to offering free faxes and fax numbers, FaxBurner also offers multiple premium packages to suit your needs. The free faxing option provides you with a temporary fax number that you can use for up to 24 hours before expiring. Premium accounts receive a permanent number.

To receive a fax, simply use your US toll-free number. Once you receive your fax, we will notify you via the app and email message. We also store your fax on your smartphone and forward a copy to you via email. Quick and simple! We even notify you with a special fax alert tone whenever you receive incoming faxes.

Alongside free faxing support, free account users are allowed to send up to 5 pages of free faxes and receive 25 pages of free faxes per month. There are no hidden charges or added costs. Free users can conveniently send up to five faxes and receive 25 fax pages a month lifetime.

FaxBurner also offers several affordable premium packages if you require more pages, a permanent number, or advanced features. The free version may not always be available, so be sure to download your app today! FaxBurner is also conveniently integrated with common apps such as Dropbox for even easier faxing.

How to Send A Free Fax

For small business owners, FaxBurner is the perfect solution to help you significantly cut down on costs. With its easy to use interface and design, you can send a free fax in just a few simple steps.

From the FaxBurner app, simply choose "compose a fax". Then send your pdf or photo to our unique fax email address with your recipient's fax number as your email subject line, or fax directly from the app. You can select the pages to fax from your phone gallery or simply snap a photo of your document.

Easily sign and complete forms and fax them back to your recipient without ever needing to print a single page.

Congratulations, you have just sent your first free fax with FaxBurner. With this completely easy to use and reliable app, you can be done in about 30 seconds. And, you save paper, ink, and energy in the process.

Simplified Faxing At Your Fingertips

With FaxBurner, sending faxes has never been easier. Those wondering how to fax without a phone line have an easy answer thanks to fax to email technology. In fact, you can go ahead and shelve that old fax machine, and forget about a second phone or fax line. You can reduce paper, ink and toner costs. That’s because all you need is a smartphone, email account and an internet connection to enjoy affordable or free faxing.

So, how do you fax online with FaxBurner? Download our app from your preferred app store and register an account to start sending free faxes immediately. Just like that, you can fax from iPhone, effectively turning your device into portable fax machine, free.

Upon registration, you are given a 24 hour disposable fax number. Request a new one whenever you need it. For more established businesses who would like to keep their fax number, FaxBurner also offers a range of packages to accommodate the sending and receiving of 500-2000 pages per month.

You’re now ready to fax from your mobile phone. No need to be tethered to an office - simply send and receive faxes from anywhere work takes you. With our technology, you’ll enjoy a whole new world of convenience.

Of course, you can also fax from your computer with fax to email. No getting up from your desk. No wasted spice on noisy, wasteful fax machines. This revolutionary app technology eliminates unnecessary printing and wasted paper and stores faxes securely in the cloud. FaxBurner is simply the most convenient way to go. Happy faxing!

Enjoy Your Very Own Free Fax Number

Larger businesses tend to receive a larger amount of faxes as compared to a newly-formed organization. Thus, it would not be cost effective to invest in a fax machine and fax number for the very occasional use by many small-medium businesses. However, as a business owner, you would most likely still need to send and receive faxes from time-to-time.

A savvy business owner would most likely gravitate towards the option which provides the best of both worlds. In this case, FaxBurner is just the solution for you.

With FaxBurner, you receive a free fax number that is disposable after 24 hours. You will not need to commit to purchasing a fax machine or registering a phone number. Enjoy all this commitment-free with no monthly fees or hidden charges. Request a new free fax number whenever you need one. If you wish to retain your free fax number, or accommodate a larger number of pages, simply upgrade to the premium plan.

Sign up for your FaxBurner account today, and get all set up in about 30 seconds!

Choose Your Plan and Start Faxing!

Fax freedom is just a few clicks away. Create an account or download our mobile app for free today, and start your faxing journey with us. Using FaxBurner, you will be able to send and receive faxes online entirely for free. However, if you require a more comprehensive online fax service, pick one of our premium plans.

Join FaxBurner today, and play a part in reshaping online faxing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Fax from your phone using our iOS app. Just sign in, compose an optional cover letter, attach your document or use your camera, and hit send.

Using the email address you created your account with, simply compose an email to Enter the fax number as the subject line. Compose a cover letter in the body of the email. Attach your fax as a PDF and hit send.

To get your free fax number, login to your account via the app or website. Click the "Reserve a Fax Number" button to get your 24-hour fax number.

Our premium packages include a permanent fax number, plus the ability to send and receive more pages every month. Get 500 pages with Professional and 2,000 pages with Premier.

Receiving faxes is simple. Just give out your fax number as needed. We’ll notify you of every incoming fax via the app, as well as email. All faxes are archived in the cloud and accessible by logging into the app or the website.