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8 World-Changing Applications for Blockchain Technology

Applications for blockchain technology

Blockchain technology has become vastly more popular recently.

The blockchain is complex and it takes some time to fully understand it, but here is the short explanation. Blockchain is essentially a distributed database that millions of computers host at the same time. It’s public, records of it are easy to verify and, best of all, it’s decentralized.

This leads to some exciting possibilities, as the blockchain is a digital ledger that can handle just about any type of transaction or record.

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7 Signs You Were Born to Be an Entrepreneur

7 signs you were born to be an entrepreneurAre entrepreneurs born or made?

The truth lies somewhere in the middle. You can certainly develop skills that help you as an entrepreneur.

At the same time, many qualities intrinsic to entrepreneurs are things you either have or you don’t.

Today, we’re covering the seven signs that being an entrepreneur is in your blood.

1. You Take Initiative

Entrepreneurs are go-getters. They don’t necessarily rush into things, but they do take action instead of spending months hoping for the right opportunity.

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What Tom Brady Can Teach You About Promoting Health, Productivity and Longevity

Tom Brady Health, Productivity and Longevity Tips

The TB12 Method - Tom BradyEven those who don’t root for the New England Patriots can accept that Tom Brady is one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time.

What’s most impressive about Brady is how he has stayed at his best at an age when most players have already retired. At age 40, Brady has put together another MVP-level season.

A big part of Brady’s success is a commitment to health, and he outlines his routine in his book, The TB12 Method.

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How to Actually Stick to Your New Year’s Resolutions

keep new years resolutions

New Year’s is that wonderful time when we many of us aspire to make positive changes in the form of resolutions. And sadly, we probably forget or give up on many of them within a month.

The sad reality is that accomplishing New Year’s resolutions is harder than it should be. But that’s also typically because we don’t use the right strategy.

Today, let’s kick off the year by going over how you can stick to your resolutions.

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5 Tips to Expand Your Business Network

Business networking tips

No matter what type of business you’re in, connections are always valuable. Although it’s not necessarily “all about who you know,” your business network can be a huge asset when you’re looking for a job, launching a business, in need of referrals, or searching for guidance.

Whether you’re a natural networker or you’re the introverted type, there are plenty of ways to expand your network.