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Can You Fax from a Smartphone?

Can i fax from my smartphone?

The average person today has a smartphone in their pocket virtually all day, every day.

With the exception of office access, the average person does not have a fax machine.

So every day people wonder, “Can I fax from my smartphone?”

If you’ve ever wondered if your mobile phone could emulate a fax machine, you’ll be glad to know that technology has indeed made it possible. It’s just one more of a growing list of functions these handy, convenient little devices can perform.

But how?

How Can You Fax from A Smartphone?

When people say that there’s an app for practically anything, they may not actually be too far off. Smartphones can be used in a similar manner to fax machines with the use of applications.

While fax machines aren’t made wirelessly compatible with smart devices as of now, there is still a method by which smartphones can fax without being a fax modem or a double of an existing fax line. Instead, the app connects to an online fax service that transmits the fax over the internet.

So when you have a document that needs to be transmitted to a fax machine, simply enter the fax number into the smartphone app and send it off.

Both sending and receiving is possible. When receiving, the document gets sent to both an email address and is accessible via the cloud inside the app or online account.

Requirements for Smartphone Faxing

Here’s what you need to be able to fax via your smartphone:

  • A smartphone with an OS compatible with the available fax service application
  • An internet or data connection
  • An app with a free or paid online fax service

Some online faxing services like FaxBurner offer both free and subscription based plans to meet different needs. A free account includes gives you a free temporary fax number available for 24 hours at a time. You are also allotted a limited number of outgoing fax pages, as well as a monthly allotment of incoming fax pages.

Paid plans include a permanent fax number, with various allotments of incoming and outgoing faxes.

Once you have the app set up on your phone, you will be able to fax documents to and from your smartphone.

Sending Faxes from Your Smartphone

Sending faxes can be done by scanning documents via your phone’s camera, an image on your phone’s gallery, or sending a PDF document through the smartphone app. You can also easily send the fax via email.

Need to add a cover page or edit the document with a signature or text? You can. There’s no need to print anything. Additionally, fax confirmations are included for both sent and received faxes. Faxes are also stored in the cloud to keep correspondence accessible and organized.

Bottom line? A subscription plan to a service like this makes faxing fast and convenient, without the need for a machine.

Receiving Faxes on Your Smartphone

Similarly, receiving a faxed document to your smartphone’s fax account is easy. Simply share your app-provided fax number to the sender.

Any fax sent to that number gets delivered to both your online/app account and your email.

If needed, you can access and reply to your fax with just your smartphone.


Smartphones are a very handy and convenient tool for faxing, and can handle both occasional and regular fax needs.

With nothing more than an internet connection and a fax app, you can turn your phone into functional fax machine that’s available almost anywhere.

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6 Life Lessons You Can Learn from Fortnite

Valuable Life Lessons from Fortnite

The online multiplayer game Fortnite is so popular now that you’ve likely heard about it even if you’re not a gamer.

It’s easy to see why, as it provides plenty of excitement, dropping 100 players into a winner-takes-all deathmatch, complete with tons of cool weapons and gear.

Although gamers obviously play Fortnite for entertainment, the game can also teach several important lessons.

Today, we’re going to talk about the six life lessons you can learn from Fortnite.

1. It’s Important to Be Flexible

You can never be sure exactly where you’re going to drop in Fortnite, what items you’ll get or who will be near you.

The players who do the best are those who can adapt in all kinds of different situations.

Life is often the same way. It’s the people who can adapt in new situations and stay clear-headed in the face of adversity, who do well.

2. Proper Preparation Makes a Big Difference

Even though Fortnite drops players into a map with nothing, preparation is still a huge part of success in the game.

Players need to have an idea of what they’re going to do to start the match, and they need to prepare for the middle and endgames by picking up good supplies.

Those who are successful in life are also the ones who think ahead. Don’t underestimate the power of going the extra mile in preparing yourself for important situations and life events.

3. You Need Balance to Succeed

Many Fortnite players, especially beginners, try to hide to stay alive. While this can help them survive longer, they don’t develop their combat skills. When the endgame comes, they’ll likely be facing off against the best of the best and won’t last long.

The best players are the ones who can do it all – hide when it’s to their advantage, but also win in combat.

Balance is crucial in life as well. Develop your whole self.  See the big picture and don’t let any one aspect of your life overpower the rest.

4. Don’t Let Your Emotions Get the Best of You

Fortnite puts players in some pressure-packed situations, and it gets even tougher in the endgame.

If you can’t deal with that sort of pressure and come through in the clutch, you won’t win many games.

You need to quickly learn how to manage your emotions when it matters most, which is also a key ingredient for success in life’s difficult moments.

5. Sometimes the Odds Aren’t in Your Favor

Every player technically has a 1-percent chance of winning in Fortnite. If you’re highly skilled, you can improve those odds, but even the best players usually don’t win more than 10 to 20 percent of the time.

There’s always an element of luck to a Fortnite game, and even though some people don’t like to admit it, luck plays a role in life, as well.

Of course, “luck” tends to follow those who are most prepared (see #2).

6. There Are Lessons Even in Losses

Just about every Fortnite player loses far more often than they win. That’s normal considering the odds of the game.

The players who end up doing the best are the ones who learn from those losses.

In life, in work, in business this couldn’t be more applicable. With the right attitude, there’s often as much to be gained from setbacks as from victory.

Wrapping Up 6 Life Lessons You Can Learn from Fortnite…

The video game Fortnite can teach you plenty of valuable life lessons. To recap, here are six takeaways from Fortnite that you can apply to your life:

  • You should be flexible enough to adapt to different situations.
  • The people who prepare well typically do the best.
  • Aim for balance in all aspects of life.
  • Keeping your emotions under control will help when the going gets tough.
  • Luck can play a larger role than you may like at times.
  • Losing can still teach you something important if you let it.
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8 World-Changing Applications for Blockchain Technology

Applications for blockchain technology

Blockchain technology has become vastly more popular recently.

The blockchain is complex and it takes some time to fully understand it, but here is the short explanation. Blockchain is essentially a distributed database that millions of computers host at the same time. It’s public, records of it are easy to verify and, best of all, it’s decentralized.

This leads to some exciting possibilities, as the blockchain is a digital ledger that can handle just about any type of transaction or record.

There’s no time like the present to consider the many uses of the blockchain. So today, we’re looking at eight world changing applications of blockchain technology.

1. Cryptocurrencies

Blockchain allows for a fast, secure peer-to-peer payment system. Bitcoin is obviously the most popular cryptocurrency right now, but there are many more out there.

2. Voting with Authentication

Digital voting has vulnerabilities that leave it open to tampering. If blockchain voting was used instead, every vote would be verifiable.

3. Communicating through Encrypted Messages

With blockchain technology, multiple users could encrypt messages with ease. The only way to access the messages would be through the use of a private key.

4. Trading Stocks and Bonds

Although the stock market moves quickly, settling stock or bond transactions usually takes a couple days, and there are fees involved. Those transactions could settle immediately and with a lower fee on the blockchain.

5. Cloud Storage

Standard cloud storage involves storing your files with one large company. Blockchain cloud storage would be distributed, which protects your information much more effectively.

6. Real Estate Transactions

Anyone who has purchased real estate knows that there are large fees involved. It’s also a slow process to finalize the transaction. By using the blockchain for property titles and transactions, everything would go much more smoothly and with smaller fees.

7. Legal Contracts

Instead of the normal legal contract, a smart contract could be created on the blockchain. It’s completely secure and a sophisticated contract option.

8. Intellectual Property Protections

As we all know, it’s easy to steal copyrighted content online. Naturally, that’s a challenge for content creators. Through smart contracts and peer-to-peer payments, blockchain technology can help copyright holders sell their work directly to paying customers.

Wrapping Up 8 World Changing Applications for Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology has already had a huge impact, and it will only keep growing from here. To recap, here are applications for the technology with truly life-changing potential:

  • Creating new payment options through cryptocurrencies.
  • Recording votes with superior authentication.
  • Allowing people to communicate safely with encrypted messages.
  • Processing trades of stocks and bonds more quickly.
  • Providing reliable cloud storage.
  • Facilitating faster and more secure real estate transactions.
  • Replacing traditional legal contracts.
  • Protecting people’s intellectual property rights.

What applications for blockchain are you most excited about? Chime in below…

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7 Signs You Were Born to Be an Entrepreneur

7 signs you were born to be an entrepreneurAre entrepreneurs born or made?

The truth lies somewhere in the middle. There is a spectrum for the various types of entrepreneurs that you will meet along your business journey, but people aren’t necessarily doomed or bless to be a certain way forever. You can certainly develop skills that help you as an entrepreneur.

At the same time, many qualities intrinsic to entrepreneurs are things you either have or you don’t.

Today, we’re covering the seven signs that being an entrepreneur is in your blood.

1. You Take Initiative

Entrepreneurs are go-getters. They don’t necessarily rush into things, but they do take action instead of spending months hoping for the right opportunity.

You’ll notice that entrepreneurs aren’t the type to suffer paralysis by analysis. They would rather learn by doing than conduct endless research.

2. You Like to Do Things Differently

The entrepreneurial lifestyle is the ultimate rebellion against the norm.

You’re saying no thanks to the traditional nine-to-five and instead pursuing your own vision. If you’ve always preferred not to conform, then entrepreneurship could be the perfect fit.

3. You’re Willing to Take Calculated Risks

You can’t be risk-averse as an entrepreneur. For any of your ventures to succeed, you need to be willing to risk your time and your money on them.

This doesn’t mean you take foolish risks, though. Successful entrepreneurs are smart about the chances they take and do their homework before jumping into anything.

4. You Maintain a Positive Mindset

You’d be hard-pressed to find an entrepreneur who gets very far wallowing in their own misery.

A hallmark of a good entrepreneur is that they keep focused and positive, even when the road gets bumpy.

5. You Set Big Goals

Most people are satisfied with a decent salary and the occasional raise at a job they can tolerate.

Entrepreneurs aren’t. They set goals to build highly profitable companies and make a lasting impact.

6. You’re Tenacious

In this day and age, anyone can start a business. You can have your own e-commerce store ready in less than an hour if you know what you’re doing.

But being able to problem solve and keep pushing when things get challenging? Displaying a willingness to take punches and shake off setbacks? That’s not so easy.

That’s probably why it’s one difference between a true entrepreneur and someone who just likes the idea of it.

7. You’re Good with Money

There usually comes a time when you need to spend money to make money, and that’s a whole lot easier when you have money to spend. Successful entrepreneurs are good at living within their means and saving money to pursue their passions.

And when they do start a business, they have a really good handle on their numbers. That’s critical to running a business.

Wrapping Up 7 Signs You Were Born to Be an Entrepreneur…

If you’re wondering whether entrepreneurship is right for you, there are several signs that can help you find out. To recap, here are seven entrepreneurial traits that might suggest you were born to be an entrepreneur:

  • You get things started instead of waiting for the right moment.
  • You’re not content with the norm.
  • You’re daring without being reckless.
  • You believe the odds are always in your favor.
  • You set your sights higher than most people would ever consider.
  • You don’t give up easily.
  • You can handle finances well.

As we mentioned, whilst entrepreneurship is a mindset that not all of us are born with, that doesn’t mean it isn’t a muscle that we can’t grow. As with many aspects of our life, the environment we live in and discipline we have can allow us to grow out our potential far beyond what anybody could imagine.

Part of this process involves managing your time effectively, being able to prioritise exactly what is the most important step to take and organise your efforts to be able to attack those opportunities as efficiently as possible. If you are looking to hone this skill, then take a look at our time management tips for budding entrepreneurs.

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What Tom Brady Can Teach You About Promoting Health, Productivity and Longevity

Tom Brady Health, Productivity and Longevity Tips

The TB12 Method - Tom BradyEven those who don’t root for the New England Patriots can accept that Tom Brady is one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time.

What’s most impressive about Brady is how he has stayed at his best at an age when most players have already retired. At age 40, Brady has put together another MVP-level season.

A big part of Brady’s success is a commitment to health, and he outlines his routine in his book, The TB12 Method.

Today, we’re covering the important lessons and tips to take from that book that can support your health, productivity, and longevity.

Healthy Eating Improves Every Facet of Your Life

There are few tips that are as important and far-reaching as this one:

Everything starts with what you eat.

The right foods will keep your energy levels high throughout the day, help you sleep well at night, and of course, promote good health and the ability to stay in shape.

Brady has a strict diet, but you can take elements of it to improve your own eating.

Drink plenty of water and eat a variety of vegetables throughout the day. Keep your sugar intake to a minimum. Although meat can be good for you, don’t overdo it and get wild or grass-fed meat when you can.

Focus on Flexibility

As you get older, your body will become less limber, to the point that even small movements in awkward positions can leave you clutching your back in pain.

If you make stretching a regular part of your exercise routine, you’ll be more flexible and able to avoid injuries.

For the best results, incorporate both static stretching, where you hold certain positions, and dynamic stretching, where you stretch through a full range of motion.

Build Your Fitness Plan Around Your Lifestyle

Here’s the thing about Brady’s plan – it’s perfect for him because he needs to stay at the top of his game, and he has the resources to make it happen. He tailored a plan that fit his needs.

Most of us don’t have chefs to purchase all organic ingredients and make delicious meals multiple times per day. And we don’t need to be ready to throw touchdown passes, either.

It’s best to use what Brady does as inspiration while creating a plan that works for your own life.

Make Small, Incremental Changes

Brady has explained that he didn’t jump into the TB12 Method all at once. He made small changes here and there, sticking with them because he liked the results.

He would then make more changes and keep whatever worked while getting rid of anything that didn’t.

You can use that same approach for yourself. It’s extremely difficult to change your entire life overnight. It’s much easier to start small and go from there.

Wrapping Up What Tom Brady Can Teach You About Improving Health and Productivity…

When it comes to staying healthy and maximizing productivity and longevity, there are few better than Tom Brady. His book provides plenty of insight that you can use to make your own life better.

To recap, here’s what you can learn from Brady:

  • Eating healthy is the best choice you can make for yourself.
  • Make sure your workouts include stretching to improve flexibility.
  • You should customize your fitness plan to match your lifestyle.
  • It’s easier to change your life if you make small, incremental adjustments.