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Which is Faster – Fax vs Email?

Which is faster, fax or email?

Once upon a time, fax machines were the sole means of communicating in office settings. The history of faxing has taken some turns since those days – and even though the technology has evolved from the patented unit made by … Read more

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Will Fax Machines Become Obsolete?

Will fax machines become obsolete?

Fax machines often seem like a thing of the past, especially now when people are using touch-screen computers and the most advanced phones. You might think that you no longer need a fax machine, but then suddenly, there’s a use … Read more

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7 Signs You Were Born to Be an Entrepreneur

7 signs you were born to be an entrepreneurAre entrepreneurs born or made?

The truth lies somewhere in the middle. There is a spectrum for the various types of entrepreneurs that you will meet along your business journey, but people aren’t necessarily doomed or bless to be a … Read more

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How to Choose the Best LinkedIn Headshot

Tips for choosing the perfect LinkedIn headshot

LinkedIn is the best social network for professional connections, making it the perfect place to land new business or career opportunities.

Just like in real life, first impressions are everything on LinkedIn. And your profile picture is definitely going to … Read more

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3 Tools for Improving Team Communication

team communication tools

For teams to be at their most efficient, especially in a world where remote work and outsourcing are the norm, communication is essential.

Your teams aren’t going to be very productive if communication issues keep derailing them. And with all … Read more

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Radio Fax is Still in Limited Use Today

Radio Fax or WeatherFax is Still Being Used

What is Radio Fax?

Here at Faxburner, we love learning about faxes long history and the many ways it has shaped a variety of industries. The radio fax, which also goes by the name of HF fax or Weatherfax, … Read more

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5 Tips to Expand Your Business Network

Business networking tips

No matter what type of business you’re in, connections are always valuable. Although it’s not necessarily “all about who you know,” your business network can be a huge asset when you’re looking for a job, launching a business, in need … Read more

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5 Tips for Finding (and Landing) a Job You Love

How to land a job you love

Everybody wants to find a job they love.

After all, you spend a huge amount of your adult life at work. It’s far better to enjoy that time and feel good about what you’re doing than to dread going into … Read more