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Can You Fax Without a Phone Line?

Can I fax without a phone line?

Traditionally, faxes were sent over a phone line. Homes and businesses would get a separate fax line to accommodate their faxing needs. And in many cases, that’s still how it works today.

But as fewer people have landlines or work Read more

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6 Life Lessons You Can Learn from Fortnite

Valuable Life Lessons from Fortnite

The online multiplayer game Fortnite is so popular now that you’ve likely heard about it even if you’re not a gamer.

It’s easy to see why, as it provides plenty of excitement, dropping 100 players into a winner-takes-all deathmatch, complete … Read more

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Are Fax Transmissions Secure?

Is fax secure?

Many offices still rely on faxing with some frequency. The practice is still commonplace among healthcare, government, banking, non-profit, real estate, and academic organizations – to name but a few.

Believe it or not, fax usage is growing according to … Read more

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Are Fax Machines Wireless? Is There Such a Thing as Wireless Fax?

Are fax machines wireless?

While most people view traditional fax machines as somewhat outdated technology, it has actually adapted quite well over the years. Faxing is still prominent in the fields of business, health, and government, and is widely used to send and receive … Read more

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How Long Does It Take To Receive A Fax?

Are fax machines instant?

These days, many people put importance on things that are fast, or even instantaneous. That’s because people are busier than ever.

That said, one of the pioneers in rapid communication is still in use even today. This avant-garde veteran is … Read more

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Are Fax Machines Digital or Analog?

Are fax machines digital or analog?

Most people know what to look for when searching for a telephone or network provider. We tend to have a clear idea about phone options and features and internet speed we need to support our needs.

However, when it comes … Read more

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8 World-Changing Applications for Blockchain Technology

Applications for blockchain technology

Faxburner isn’t the only technology helping to change the way people communicate and interact in the modern world. Blockchain technology has become vastly more popular in recent years.

The blockchain is complex and it takes some time to fully understand … Read more

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Can Fax Machines Make Phone Calls

Can I make phone calls from my fax machine?

The fax machine is most commonly used to send, receive, or scan various documents. However, when you take a closer look at it, it really looks like a big phone. In fact, you might have wondered the same thing as … Read more

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How to Grow Your Business with YouTube videos – 8 Tips

grow your business with YouTube videos

The popularity of online videos just keeps increasing.

People are consuming more video content on their computers and their smartphones, which makes video marketing on YouTube a great tool for your business.

Of course, building a YouTube presence and converting … Read more