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Can Fax Machines Make Phone Calls

Can I make phone calls from my fax machine?

The fax machine is most commonly used to send, receive, or scan various documents. However, when you take a closer look at it, it really looks like a big phone. In fact, you might have wondered the same thing as … Read more

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How to Grow Your Business with YouTube videos – 8 Tips

grow your business with YouTube videos

The popularity of online videos just keeps increasing.

People are consuming more video content on their computers and their smartphones, which makes video marketing on YouTube a great tool for your business.

Of course, building a YouTube presence and converting … Read more

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How Can I Fax from an iPhone?

How to Fax from iPhone?

For most people operating in the modern world, faxes are considered a rather outmoded communication method thatโ€™s strictly relegated to the corporate world.

However, it is important to acquaint oneself with fax. Hereโ€™s why.

Fax is still widely used, and Read more

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Are Fax Copies Legal Documents?

Are fax copies legal documents?

Fax machines are still widely used tools for communication in the business and legal sectors. Even with the advancement of technology, video chats and electronic mail, many legal processes require printed and signed transcripts.

This is to ensure a physical … Read more

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Will Fax Machines Work With VOIP?

Will fax machines work with VoIP?

In an age where the internet has taken over almost every facet of our lives, one may easily forget that fax technology is still very relevant. That especially holds true for heavily regulated industries such as government, healthcare and finance, … Read more

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Can Fax Transmissions Be Intercepted?

Can faxes be intercepted?

These days, you are able to send and receive documents in so many different ways, thanks to the new technologies developing very fast.

However, parallel to the new ways of transmitting the information, techniques of intercepting them are developing at … Read more

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How Does a Fax Server Work?

How do fax servers work?

Considering how fast our information technology is advancing, it may seem kind of weird that fax machines are still being used at all. Nevertheless, fax remains relevant to this day, regardless of how unlikely it seems.

Itโ€™s also the quickest … Read more

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What Does It Mean When a Fax Machine Says No Answer?

No answer warning on fax machine

Sometimes, when youโ€™re trying to connect to another fax machine, you a get a โ€œno answerโ€ message from your device. Like most people, you might be wondering what this means. We’ll tell you why it occurs and how to remedy … Read more

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Which is Faster – Fax vs Email?

Which is faster, fax or email?

Once upon a time, fax machines were the sole means of communicating in office settings. The history of faxing has taken some turns since those days – and even though the technology has evolved from the patented unit made by … Read more