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Why are fax machines still used today?

Why Fax Machines Are Still Used Today – 7 Darn Good Reasons!

Why are fax machines still used today?

Fax machines are still very much in use today and have even managed to adapt to changing technological trends. In fact, research shows that about 17 billion faxes are sent on an annual basis by organizations and individuals all around the world.

Wondering why? Well, carry on reading to find out why fax machines are still in use today.

Many Professionals and Companies Still Use Fax

Believe it or not, communicating via fax is still a big thing in the corporate world. That’s true in healthcare, government, legal environments, and elsewhere. In fact, the fax machine is still considered to be a staple and an essential communication tool to have – no matter how big or small your business or organization is.

Certain companies and organizations actually prefer to transmit some of their more sensitive documents, contracts, and other correspondence via fax.

That means many of us, both as individuals or companies, find ourselves needing to fax when corresponding with these organizations.

Fax is Simple and Easy to Use

Sending a fax is just about the easiest way to send a document. All you have to do is take the hard copy of the document, put it through the fax machine, input the recipient and it arrives on the other side as a hard copy document as well.

This takes out the hassle of having to print it out. Plus, you’re likely to spend much less on sending a fax than you would on a long-distance telephone call, for example.

Fax Machines are Versatile

There’s so much you are able to do with a fax machine – from scanning, to copying and printing. It’s basically a multi-functional tool that makes it easy to complete administrative tasks.

It’s Safer

While sending information online might seem like the safest and most convenient means of communication there is, it actually carries with it the risk of being hacked or intercepted.

Today’s hackers have developed some of the most sophisticated methods for hacking through even the most seemingly secure firewalls, which means that information shared via email and online cloud-based platforms is always at risk of being hacked.

That’s why most businesses prefer to send documents that contain sensitive information via fax, just to be on the safe side.

A hacker would have to be in possession of specialized phone monitoring equipment, which is quite hard to come by. As a result, this makes faxing the safest way to share sensitive information these days.

Faxing Makes Sending Signatures Easy

Thanks to the safety of fax machines, you are able to send your signature with peace of mind, knowing that it won’t have to go through a network that might place it at risk. Instead, your signature will only be shared with your intended recipient and no one else.

It Connects You with Stakeholders That Don’t Have Internet Access

Most people find it hard to believe that about 60% of the world is not online. This means that a majority of the population either does not have access to the internet or couldn’t be bothered with it.

The latter scenario is often the case with well-established businesses, or those whose premises are based in rural areas that don’t have WiFi. This is why having a fax machine actually enables you to connect with a wider spectrum of stakeholders.

It Offers An Easy Confirmation Option

A confirmation page is essentially a message that you receive from the recipient’s machine to say that the fax has indeed arrived on the other side. That way, you know exactly when the fax arrived and whether your intended recipient received it or not. Easy. And useful!

Summing Up Why Fax Is Still Used Today

Contrary to popular belief, fax has a lot to over over other modes of online communication. For one, it is safer and faster than email or online cloud-based sharing… especially when hard copies are needed.

In addition, you don’t have to estimate the time at which the document arrived on the other side because you’ll get a confirmation letting you know exactly when the document was received.

In a nutshell, faxing is still a useful method of communication for businesses and organizations today – and likely will be for a long time to come.

However, that doesn’t mean you yourself need a fax machine. That’s what FaxBurner is here for!