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5 Ways to Achieve More Freedom in Your Life

More Freedom in your Life

Freedom is the ultimate currency.

When you have freedom in your life, you can spend your time the way you want to, travel anywhere, hang out with the people you enjoy being around, and work on projects you actually care … Read more

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How to Spring Clean Your Business

Spring Cleaning Your Business

We’re towards the end of May, and spring is already almost over. The time for typical spring cleaning has almost passed, but it’s never too late to spring clean your business!

We’re not just talking about cleaning up the office … Read more

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5 Quotes on Business Growth from Leading Entrepreneurs

Business Growth Quotes

If your business isn’t growing, it’s stagnating.

…and stagnating businesses don’t last very long. Soon enough, they are overtaken by competitors and cease to exist.

So today, we wanted to inspire you with some of Faxburner’s favourite quotes on business … Read more

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How to Receive a Fax on Your Smartphone

Receive a fax to smartphone and email

You no longer have to rush to the fax machine when you want to receive a fax.

Instead, you can simply pop open an app on your smartphone, and get the fax instantly in the palm of your hand, filed … Read more

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How to Send a Fax from Your Smartphone

Fax from Smartphone

Faxing is still very much alive, even in the digital age.

Fortunately, gone are the days where you have to use big hefty fax machines and pages and pages of paper to send a fax.

With the recent developments of … Read more

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4 Benefits of Using a Fax App Instead of a Fax Machine

4 benefits of using a fax app

In a highly digitized world, it’s surprising that we still use fax machines.

They’ve been popular since the 80s, but they’ve quickly made their way to the technological “endangered species” list over the past decade or so.

But, they’re still … Read more