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5 Books You Should Read Before Starting Your First Business

best books for starting business

You’re an aspiring entrepreneur, and you eventually want to start a thriving business.

But you’re a bit confused about the process and the steps it will take to get there. You’re wondering what it takes for an idea to take off and get traction.

What’s more, you’re not sure exactly what to expect from the lifestyle of entrepreneurship.

That’s okay though – every aspiring entrepreneur has questions like these on their mind. So today, Faxburner want to help you answer some of those questions.

How? By giving you 5 books you should read before starting your first business! Let’s get right into it…

1. Perennial Seller by Ryan Holiday

Perennial Seller by Ryan HolidayRyan Holiday is the best-selling author of several books. And his new book, Perennial Seller, does not disappoint.

This book highlights what makes “perennial sellers” (aka those books, movies, products, and services that stick around for the long haul) endure for years, and outlast their competitors.

Seinfeld, Jay Z, Lady Gaga, Google… They all have similar qualities that make them perennial sellers, and Holiday shows you what they are.

If you want your business to stick around for the long haul and outlast its competitors, this is book you’ll want to read.

2. The 4 Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss

The 4 Hour Work Week by Tim FerrissThis is a bit of a cult classic when it comes to entrepreneurship.

While not very many entrepreneurs actually work just 4 hours per week, that’s not really the point of this book.

It’s more of a great introduction to online business and the potential type of lifestyle that can come along with it.

If you’re not familiar with online business, this will be a big eye opener to you. You’ll see what’s possible and you may be very surprised along the way.

Because here’s the truth: There are people who run online businesses, work when they want, and travel the world at their leisure. In fact, there are online communities of thousands of online entrepreneurs who do this and meet up cities like Ho Chi Minh, Mexico City, Austin, and more.

3. The End of Jobs by Taylor Pearson

The End of Jobs by Taylor PearsonPeople may try to convince you that the “safe route”, aka the route of the 9-5 office job, is more secure.

But in this book, Taylor Pearson challenges that notion and backs it up with concrete stats and facts.

He predicts an “end of jobs” where entrepreneurship will be much more prevalent and even necessary to thrive.

If you’re still not sure if entrepreneurship is the right route for you, this book might push you in the right direction and motivate you to get started.

4. Zero to One by Peter Thiel

Zero to One by Peter ThielPeter Thiel is a legend in Silicon Valley. He started PayPal back in 1998, made the first outside investment in Facebook, and has helped fund companies like SpaceX and AirBnB.

In this book, he presents a new way to think about innovation.

He argues that when you do something new in business, you can take the world from zero to one. He also argues that those businesses who do so also have the best chance of achieving long-term success.

This is a great metric for which to analyze your own business ideas.

5. Start With Why by Simon Sinek

Start With Why by Simon SinekSimon Sinek’s Ted Talk based on Start With Why is the third most popular Ted Talk of all time and has received over 28 million views on YouTube. This just shows the true power of his idea.

In the book, he explains that people don’t want to truly buy a product until they understand the “why” behind it.

Products, services, movements, ideas – they all need a strong “why” if they’re going to be successful.

This is an inspirational and insightful book that will push you to find the “why” behind your ideas, and help make them more successful as a result.

Wrapping Up Books You Should Read Before Starting Your First Business…

Every aspiring entrepreneur has questions and doubts about starting their first business.

That’s no surprise, because for many people, entrepreneurship is an unknown path. It’s different from a 9-5 job. With entrepreneurship, you have control of the business and you’re responsible for its success.

And these books will prepare you for the challenges that entrepreneurship will bring. They’ll also increase the chances that your first business will be successful!

If you already own a business and would like resources to help guide you through the process, take a look at our recommended 5 books for small business leaders.