What Is a Fax Definition – What Does It Mean To Fax Something?

Cheap Places to Fax

What Is a Fax Definition – What Does It Mean To Fax Something?

There are situations that call for a fax machine, and if you don’t have one to hand, then you would need to go to a place that does. But where can you find a cheap place to fax? Let’s find out.

Can I Find a Cheap Fax Service Near Me?

Yes, you can, and here are some of the local places likely to offer fax services, often at a cost that won’t have your wallet waving a white flag:

  • Local Banks and Credit Unions: Your friendly neighborhood financial institutions sometimes offer fax services to account holders, possibly at no extra cost or for a small fee.
  • Universities and Educational Institutions: Campuses typically have administrative offices ready to assist with faxing documents.
  • Public Libraries: Many local libraries have fax machines available for public use, often at a nominal cost.
  • Post Offices: The U.S. Postal Service offers fax services at many of its locations, though fees may apply.
  • Hotels: Many hotels offer fax services. If you’re not a guest, they might still help you out for a small fee.
  • Office Supply Stores: Stores like Staples or Office Depot are like playgrounds for paperwork, and yes, they usually have fax machines available for public use.
  • Local Businesses: Some neighborhood stores, especially those offering shipping or mailing services, often have a fax machine they’ll let you use for a reasonable per-page rate.
  • RV Parks: If you’re on the road and near an RV park, they’re often equipped with business centers that include fax services.
  • General Businesses: Don’t overlook small or general business offices. If they have a fax machine, they might send a fax for you, often just charging a small fee.
  • Town Halls and Local Government Offices: Some town halls and other local government buildings may have a fax machine they’re willing to let the public use, sometimes even for free.
  • Conference Centers: Geared up for business functions, conference centers are often happy to help with faxing documents, usually for guests or event attendees.
  • Credit Unions: Just like banks, credit unions often offer fax services to their members. 

Can I Fax Online?

Absolutely. With FaxBurner, faxing online is a breeze. You can start sending and receiving faxes immediately by opening an account with us, either through our app or website. 

How Do I Send a Fax For Free?

You can send faxes for free with Faxburner with our free plan. Once you create an account, you’ll receive a free fax number that is valid for 24 hours, and you will be able to send a total of 5 fax pages absolutely free. 

However, if you need to send more faxes or need to fax frequently, you’ll find that our paid plans are super affordable. And best of all, there are no hidden fees or added costs to deal with. 

What Do I Look for in Cheap Fax Services? 

When evaluating cheap faxing options, there are a few key factors to consider:

Price per Page

The most obvious factor is how much they charge per page sent. Fax services can range anywhere from 10 cents per page to over a dollar per page. Shop around and pay attention to the per-page rate. Some places offer discounts for bulk faxing, so that’s another area where you may be able to save.

Maximum Page Length

Some fax services limit the number of pages you can send per fax. If you frequently have long documents to fax, make sure to use a service that supports the length you need.

Cover Page Options

Many fax services let you customize cover pages with your sender info, recipient info, header, and footer. Having this included can save you paper and time designing cover sheets.

How Can I Save Money on Faxing Costs? 

Faxing documents can get expensive, especially if you need to send faxes regularly. So here are some tips for saving money on your faxing costs:

  • Bundle services: Many providers offer discounts if you bundle your fax service with other services like internet or phone. Adding faxing to an existing bundle can significantly reduce the cost per page.
  • Buy faxes in bulk: Look for fax services that offer bulk discounts when you purchase a large number of fax pages upfront. This brings down the per-page cost. Some services let you buy fax pages in packs of 500 or more.
  • Send during off-peak hours: The peak faxing times are generally 9-5 on weekdays. Sending your faxes in the early morning, evenings, or weekends can sometimes qualify you for off-peak discounts from your provider. 
  • Use online fax services: Online fax services like FaxBurner let you send and receive faxes as email attachments. This eliminates the need for a dedicated fax line and equipment, and online faxes usually cost less per page than traditional faxing.
  • Go for a pay-as-you-go plan: If your faxing needs vary from month to month, look for providers that offer pay-as-you-go or metered plans. These charge you only for the pages you actually use versus a flat monthly fee.

It’s Easier and More Convenient With FaxBurner

Switching to FaxBurner isn’t just about saving dollars and cents; it’s all about making your life a whole lot easier. No more rushing to find a fax machine or figuring out complex pricing plans. 

With us, you get affordable, easy-to-use, and super-convenient fax services. Why wait any longer? Help us to help you!