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How to test fax machine

How to Test a Fax Machine?

How to test fax machine

Despite the failsafe technology we employ here at FaxBurner – such as email confirmation of receipt along with a host of reporting features available through our dashboard – a common anxiety among fax users is whether your document has actually reached the intended recipient or not.

The vast majority of the time, there really is no need to worry. Fax technology is as reliable as it ever was, remaining one of the most assured methods of transmitting documents that exist. 

Despite this fact, a strange ‘nagging concern’ seems to prevail with many people, as they question how guaranteed the transmission actually is. In other words, how can you really know if your fax was delivered?

Reliable Faxing Service

The fact of the matter is quite simple: if your recipient’s fax number is live, and they have an actual fax machine plugged in and working (or an EFax number live and activated), they are going to receive your fax.

However, the most common issue with sending a fax is the recipient’s fax number being out of service. With that in mind – and to remove any of those nagging concerns – the safest, most logical thing to do would be to test the fax number. Or, to put it another way, test the fax line.

So, we have put together this blog post to help with that. Through it, we shall cover a few very simple key points, including:

  • How to test a fax machine
  • How to test a fax number
  • How to receive a test fax
  • How to send a test fax online

In essence, they all speak to the same procedure, although there is some overlap on one or two of those basic tests. Either way, we shall suggest the steps in order to feel more confident about the delivery when you send a fax online (or using the traditional fax machine method).

But first, let’s qualify in a little more detail why testing a fax number is something you might need to do on occasion.

Why Do You Need to Test a Fax Number?

Ensuring that the fax number is active is something you should definitely consider from time to time. Let’s break down why it’s important – but not absolutely essential – to test a fax number:

Accuracy Matters

Before dispatching your document, you’ve got to be certain of the destination. How to test a fax machine for that? A quick preliminary transmission will simply confirm you’re on the right track.

Assured Delivery

Worried about your fax reaching its endpoint? Just send a test fax online with faxBurner. It’s an instant peace-of-minder, ensuring the number’s readiness to receive your documents. 

Judging Transmission Clarity

Sending a test fax is useful for judging the transmission clarity. This test run spots any visual hiccups before they become a bigger issue.

Uncovering Glitches

When trying to test a fax line and something is not right, the test alerts you to any possible snags. Whether it’s their machine at fault, your own, or the phone line, you’ll be in the know going forward.

How To Test a Fax Number

So, how to test a fax number, exactly? Let’s take a look at some widely employed tactics:

Direct Faxing

The straightforward approach – as you may have guessed – is to send a test fax. Simply forward a document to the intended number either from a traditional fax machine or a more cutting-edge, modern, online fax service. An error-free reception with confirmation indicates success. All quite simple and, again, incredibly obvious.

Phone Line Check

For those sending to a traditional fax machine, you can dial the fax number. If you hear the characteristic screechy, whirly beeps of a fax machine, the line is active. Again, simple.

Utilize Diagnostic Tools

Some fax machines or software come equipped with tools that test the fax line. These can be handy to test fax line connections and ensure everything’s in order, although it is a little time-consuming in comparison to simply sending a test fax.

Confirm with the Recipient

A simple but effective method is to simply ask the recipient if they received a test fax. If you’re using an online platform like FaxBurner, our notifications will let you know if the fax was successfully delivered or not.

How to Check If a Fax Number Is Functional

FaxBruners software provides clear, simple-to-follow confirmation receipts that will tell you if the fax arrived or not. If you prefer to physically ensure your fax reaches its destination, follow these steps to test a fax number:

  1. Have your document ready: Either in physical form (to send through a traditional fax machine) or as a digital file for online fax. You can also take a photo upload through your smartphone.
  2. Enter the Fax Number: Input the number into your computer or machine. Double-check for accuracy to avoid errors.
  3. Initiate the Test: Send a test fax using the chosen method.
  4. Review Results: Determine if the fax was received successfully. If not, consider retesting or using a different method from our previous discussion.
  5. Address Problems: If the test indicates issues, utilize diagnostic tools or other strategies to rectify them before sending your main document.

Use Online Faxing For Better Reporting

Of course, a more sensible option would be to use FaxBurner to send your fax online. In doing so, you are removing all concerns relating to delivery proofs.

FaxBurner has seamlessly merged the trustworthiness of traditional faxing with the ease and convenience of modern tech, and in the process, we have made it really easy to send a free fax online. 

Whether you’re a small business owner, part of a huge bustling corporation – or maybe somewhere in between – FaxBurner provides a tailored solution for everyone

You can send faxes with the same ease as emails, confidently knowing your information is shielded by robust TLS protocols. And with the assurance of delivery receipts, you’re never left wondering if your message made it or not. Think of us as a bridge between tradition and innovation. 

Embrace a smarter, safer way of faxing with FaxBurner – where the future of faxing is just one tap away.

And if you really insist on sending a test fax – you might as well make things a little easier and send a test fax online, at least. Just whip out your smartphone and download our app (or hop on a desktop), and get faxing in seconds!