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How to Send a Fax from a PC

how to send a fax from your PC

Fax machines have long been in use and are especially handy when it comes to sending and receiving important documents, especially of legal and official nature.

There is no need to despair if you do not have a dedicated fax machine at your disposal though. These days, your PC can be equipped to send and receive digital fax.

Equipping Your PC to Send and Receive Fax

Your computer should be equipped with a fax modem before trying to send or receive any fax messages. A fax modem allows your computer to communicate with a fax machine over a standard phone line. Thankfully, this step is actually quite simple.

Fax modems can be internal (found inside the computer) or external as an add-on. An external fax modem may be plugged in through a USB port. These devices are relatively inexpensive and are easy to find in any major hardware stores.

The set-up is simple and you should be done in no time at all.

Sending a Fax Using Fax Software

If you wish to send a fax using a specific fax software, you first need to download the software and set it up on your computer. Afterwards, you prepare the document you wish to send via fax. Now, open your fax software and find an icon command that reads Send Fax or Send New.

Enter all the required information about the recipient, such as fax number and area code if necessary. Attach your file, with a fax cover sheet if you desire. Once the document is ready, simply hit send.

The fax software will take over and begin to compile information and dial the remote fax machine. If a successful connection is made, the fax will be sent. Recheck data input if no connection is found and try sending again.

Sending Faxes Via a Word Processor

Some software products and applications will allow you to fax documents without the need of a specific fax software. There are popular word processing programs out there that give you such an option.

Select print from the File menu after opening the document you wish to fax. Once the printing window shows up, select Print to Fax instead of your default printer. You will once again be required to fill in the recipient’s fax number and more.

Afterwards, the program will do the rest and will try to connect with the fax modem. If successful, your document will print from the recipient’s fax machine or printer.

Sending Fax Using an Online Service

Online fax services, such as FaxBurner, make it easy to send and receive faxes from your PC using a website or email.

Options range from free faxing (for limited sending and receiving) to a small subscription fee to retain a permanent fax number and send and receive larger volumes of faxes every month.

Downloadable smartphone applications are also available to facilitate faxing on the go, without the need for any PC. This option is especially convenient for non-tech savvy users, and allows for the creation of documents using the smartphone’s camera.

Summing up Faxing from a PC

There are many options for faxing from your PC. You will, however, need copies of the documents available in your PC or cell phone, which is not a requirement with a physical machine. The exception would be using your smartphone camera to create your document using an app such as FaxBurner.

Evaluate your needs, and the equipment available to you, and choose any of these options to successfully send (and receive) faxes from your PC.