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how to fax over internet

How to Fax Over Internet?

how to fax over internet

Nowadays, more and more people are seeking ways to streamline their workflows and simplify their lives.

One such method is faxing over the internet, an effective solution that aligns perfectly with the modern, mobile world we live in.

And guess what? With FaxBurner, this has never been easier. Let us show you how you can effortlessly send and receive faxes over the Internet.

Why It’s Easy to Fax Over the Internet with FaxBurner?

Fax from Anywhere with an Internet Connection

With Faxburner, the traditional limitations of faxing from a fixed location with a landline connection have been removed. You can now send and receive faxes from anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection. This gives you flexibility and convenience, as your document sharing isn’t limited by your location.

Efficacy in Paper and Cost Reduction

Faxburner digitally sends and receives faxes, removing the need for printed paper. This means a significant reduction in paper usage, helping you do your part for the environment while also reducing the expenses associated with papers, ink, and the maintenance of a physical fax machine.

Ability to Digitally Store and Organize Faxes

With Faxburner, your faxes are stored digitally, which makes it easy to save and organize them in an efficient manner. It eliminates the need for physical storage spaces like filing cabinets. You can also quickly search and find old faxes when necessary, increasing your work efficiency.

How to Fax Over Internet Using Faxburner

  1. Go to the Faxburner Website or Download the App: On your web browser, head to the Faxburner website or download the app from your mobile device’s app store (available for iOS). Click on the sign-up button and fill in the required details.
  2. Compose a New Fax: Once you’ve logged into your account, click on the option to send a new fax. Enter the recipient’s fax number and attach the documents you wish to fax. These can be from your device storage or cloud services like Google Drive or Dropbox. You also have the option to write a cover letter.
  3. Send the Fax: Once you’ve attached all the necessary documents and entered all the details, press the “Send Fax” button. Your fax is now on its way to the recipient.

Sending a Fax via Email

  1. Create an Email: Open your preferred email program. Create a new email addressed to Ensure you send this from the email address associated with your FaxBurner account.
  2. Enter Fax Number in Subject Line: In the subject line of the email, type the fax number.
  3. Compose a Cover Letter (Optional): If you want to include a cover letter, type it in the body of the email. This will be counted as the first page of your fax.
  4. Attach Documents: Attach the document(s) you wish to fax.
  5. Send Your Fax: Once your email is ready, hit send. FaxBurner will convert your email and attachments into fax format and forward it to the specified fax number.

Receiving Faxes

  1. Request a Fax Number: In the FaxBurner app, click on “Request a Fax Number.” You’ll receive a temporary or permanent fax number based on your plan type.
  2. Receive and Access Faxes: When someone sends a fax to your FaxBurner number, it’s automatically converted and forwarded to your email. You can also view received faxes in the app.
  3. Manage Your Faxes: Within the app or your email, you can view, download, or forward your received faxes as needed.

Say Hello to Online Faxing with Faxburner

With Faxburner, you can save money (we have a free plan and two affordable plans), reduce waste, and, best of all, fax from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. So, if you’re still sticking to an old fax machine, it’s time to move forward. Download our app today, or visit our website.