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Future of Fax Apps

Future of Fax Apps

Future of Fax Apps

You might not have noticed (or maybe you have), but over the last decade or so, the faxing world has undergone a huge evolution, entirely for the better, driven almost exclusively by the invention of online fax services and fax apps.
It was a quick and sudden shift, as traditional fax machines were replaced by sleek, user-friendly, app-based solutions. And while older fax machines have served us well, this new era of faxing is a welcome relief. Not only are modern fax solutions quicker, more convenient, and cheaper, but the planet is better off for the transformation with less paper and ink toner being used.
But what does the future of fax apps look like, and can it continue evolving for the better?

Overhauling of Traditional Fax 

The future of fax apps is upon us already in many ways. Barely a decade or two ago, many people predicted it was a question of time before we had a fax service that was more digitally convenient. The fax app has now arrived and is doing a pretty remarkable job of broadcasting documents with ease.
Today, apps like Fax Burner bring the entire process of sending a fax to our smartphones, tablets, and desktops. Faxing is now an immediately accessible task open to anyone, anywhere, provided they have a smartphone or browser. The days of one fax machine being shared by hundreds of people are over – now, everyone can fax instantly.
But how will it shape up over the coming years, and is there room for improvement? Let’s take a look.

Better Pictures and Smoother Data

Expect far sharper 8K images and documents that come through instantly. This type of upgrade would be especially useful for places like hospitals and law enforcement where clear images are a must. X-rays, for example, could be sent instantly from a hospital to a doctor’s clinic.

Smart Tech for Faxes

We should probably expect a system where AI takes over sorting your faxes, figures out what they’re about, and even updates your records in the process. AI could even set up meetings based on what the actual faxes say without intervention.

Going Green 

Fax apps have already helped us to cut down on paper, use less power, and create less waste, but with further adjustments, we could be rid of paper faxes altogether. At the moment, you can send and receive faxes completely digitally through Fax Burner, but in a few years, all faxing will likely be app-based, meaning zero paper.

Collaboration in Real-Time

Like the many online document tools we use today, future fax apps could allow us to jump in, tweak, and work on documents together before we hit ‘send fax.’

Faxes That Do More

In the future, faxes could handle things like clickable forms or even videos that we can interact with, meaning more than just text and pictures.

Final Thoughts

Of course, we can’t say for certain what the future of fax apps will entail, but either way, we are heading in the right direction. Apps like FaxBurner are not only transforming how we fax but are also setting things up for more streamlined digital communication across the board.
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