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How do i fax from iPhone?

How Can I Fax from an iPhone?

How do i fax from iPhone?

For most people operating in the modern world, faxes are considered a rather outmoded communication method that’s strictly relegated to the corporate world.

However, it is important to acquaint oneself with fax.

That’s because fax is still widely used, and many of us find ourselves needing to receive, sign, or send a fax every now and again. Without a fax machine (and hoping to avoid a trip to a copy shop) it would be nice to have a fast and painless option to turn to.

The good news is that many technological developments have been made to make faxing more accessible.

In fact, it is even possible to send or receive fax messages through your iPhone these days, thanks to the advent of online fax services. This comes as especially good news to loyal Apple users, who have probably had a hard time with the software’s faxing abilities, which have always left much to be desired.

So… how do you fax from an iPhone? Let’s take a look…

The Beauty of Online Fax Services

This term refers to a service provider hosting your unique fax number, and enabling you to send and receive faxes without a machine or dedicated phone line. You can access this service online through your email, their app, or a web interface on your iPhone, iPad, or MacBook.

The beauty about an online fax service is that it can work without the conduit of a phone line. In turn, it gives you the mobility to send and receive faxes from virtually anywhere in the world.

You can do all kinds of convenient things like take photos of documents, sign documents using your finger, attach files, add cover page copy, and more.


In order to set up an online fax service and start faxing from your iPhone, you’ll need to make sure that your device has a reliable internet connection, regardless of whether you’re using WiFi or data.

Other necessary requirements for this service include getting a subscription of your choice, which you are able to get tailored here on FaxBurner. Lastly, you’ll need the document which you’ll be faxing.

While there are a number of paid subscriptions available at different price points, there is also a free account that lets you send 5-pages (lifetime) and receive 25 pages of faxes, every month!

How to Send the Fax

Once you have access to the service, you’ll be able to choose your sending method from a number of options, including:


It is now possible to send a fax from your iPhone with our iOS app. You are able to download the application for free from the iPhone’s App Store. You get a free 24-hour fax number, any time you want one with one tap.

If you want to keep your fax number, you may upgrade to one of our premium plans for increased inbound and outbound capabilities. Either way, you get many features and it gets the job done quickly and easily.


In addition to sending a fax through the app, you can send via email on your iPhone as well.

Just use the email address associated with your FaxBurner account and send an email to The number you’re faxing to goes in the subject line. The cover letter content goes in the email body, and the JPG or PDF attachment contains the fax. It’s that easy!

Summing Up How to Fax from iPhone

Sending and receiving faxes has been made much simpler than having to rely on fax machines. Whether it’s through an app or your email, you are now able to send and receive faxes from your iPhone through FaxBurner’s free fax service.

Or, for regular fax users, a monthly or yearly subscription will give you all the sending and receiving you need, without having to rely on a fax machine or phone line. Give it a try today!

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