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Do Banks Offer Fax Services?

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Sometimes it’s better to fax, especially when dealing with sensitive or confidential documents like bank statements, credit reports, and tax information. But what if you don’t have a fax machine or access to one? Can your local bank help you out? Read on to find out.

Do Banks Still Use Fax?

Although many businesses and industries have moved away from using fax machines in recent years, most major banks still provide fax services

The main reason is that banks need to be able to reliably send and receive financial documents and personal information that customers want to keep private.

For large national and international banks, having a fax number available provides an essential communication channel, especially for business banking clients who still rely on faxing paperwork.

As for regional and community banks, some maintain a single fax machine to meet customer needs.

Will Banks Send a Fax For You? 

Some banks provide fax services for their customers to send documents, but the availability of this offering varies between financial institutions. Some banks, large and small, do allow customers to send outgoing faxes from a local branch location.

Do All Banks Have Fax Machines? 

Some larger, established banks that operate physical branches typically still maintain fax machines. Online banks, however, are less likely to have fax machines since many of them do not have physical branches, as they conduct all their business online and through mobile apps. 

Do Banks Fax for Free?

While most banks do offer basic fax services, some of them typically charge a small fee for sending outgoing faxes. 

But you can find some that offer free faxing to their customers, particularly for documents related to the bank’s services or transactions. This can include forms for account opening, loan applications, or financial statements. 

It’s always a good idea to check with your bank regarding the availability of fax services and any associated costs. 

Can You Send a Fax to the Bank?

Yes, most banks have a dedicated fax number to receive documents from customers. Sending a fax to your bank can be a convenient way to deliver forms, statements, and other paperwork without having to physically go to a branch.

How Long Does It Take a Bank to Receive a Fax?

When you send a fax to your bank, they will typically receive it within just a few minutes. The fax transmission process itself only takes seconds. As long as the fax number is correct and the bank’s fax machine is on and functioning, your fax will arrive at the bank quickly.

Some banks even provide confirmation pages that are sent back to acknowledge receipt of your fax. This confirmation provides peace of mind and verification that your documents were successfully received.

Of course, faxes sent outside of normal business hours may sit unprocessed until employees return the next business day. However, during operational hours, banks are equipped to receive and handle faxes rapidly.

Skip the Fax Machine – Use Online Fax Services Instead

Fax machines may still be used by some banks, but online fax services offer a much better experience for sending and receiving faxes. With FaxBurner, you can easily send and receive faxes online right from your iPhone or iPad. You only need to download our fax app and sign up for an account to get started.