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Fax at Office Depot

Can You Fax at Office Depot and How Much Does It Cost?

Fax at Office Depot

Sending and receiving faxes remains a popular (and often quite vital) way to communicate documents. With millions of people all over the world sending faxes daily, the technology certainly isn’t going anywhere soon. However, most workplaces and homes have permanently unplugged their fax machines in favor of more modern fax alternatives, such as our very own Fax Burner.

While the vast majority of people have made the seamless transition to online faxing, some prefer to send a fax the more traditional way, using an actual, physical fax machine. The problem is that with so many traditional fax machines out of service, the only option is to use a third-party location.

Libraries are a popular choice, as is Fed Ex Kinkos, both of whom offer outbound faxing services. Arguably the most prevalent, widespread traditional faxing service of them all, however, is Office Depot. Through this blog post, we shall take a quick look at the basics of how to send a fax with Office Depot, together with pricing.

So, can you fax at Office Depot? We are happy to confirm that as of late 2023, the service remains alive and well. Many people assume Office Depot has also switched to more convenient, modern fax services, but that isn’t the case, and through this blog post, we will explain how to use their location-based service.

Does Office Depot Fax at All Branches?

While not all libraries or FedEx Kinkos offer a fax service, Office Depot has made a point of ensuring every location has a working fax machine ready for public use (for a cost, of course.)

Office Depot provides a quite handy self-service option for faxing, in contrast to libraries, for example, who insist on faxing the document for you. They will accommodate the transmission of faxes to local, domestic, or even international numbers.

The starting rate for this service isn’t particularly cheap – especially in comparison to more modern online faxing services, like Fax Burner – but there is no fear of breaking the bank, either. What’s more, there are no additional charges for including a cover page in your fax.

While all stores offer the service, it might be wise to check first, just in case their machine isn’t working. To check whether there’s an Office Depot location offering fax services in your vicinity, follow these simple steps:

  • Visit the Office Depot website and access their store locator feature.
  • Enter your specific address, city, or state in the provided search field.
  • Choose the ‘Faxing Services’ option from the search filters.
  • Once these steps are completed, the locator will present a comprehensive list of all Office Depot stores in your area that offer fax services.

This list also provides crucial details such as the precise location of each store, their operating hours, as well as fax and telephone numbers – quite useful if you are in an unfamiliar area.

Armed with this information, you can now head off to the store and get faxing. Let’s take a look at how to do just that.

How to Use Office Depot’s Fax Service

Using the fax service at Office Depot is no different from using a regular fax machine that you have probably used multiple times over the years. With a basic understanding of fax operations, you can send your fax documents without any real head-scratching to speak of.

Follow these steps to get your fax transmitted:

  1. Without stating the obvious too much, first, you must prepare Your Documents. Make sure that all your pages are organized correctly. For documents consisting of multiple pages, they should be arranged in sequential order, with the cover page positioned to be sent first.

*Remember, there is typically a per-page charge, which isn’t particularly worrying for shorter faxes, but if you are sending multiple pages, the cost could easily mount up.*

  1. Enter the Recipient’s Fax Number: Use the machine to dial in the number where you are sending the fax. Hit send (the green button, usually), and wait a moment while the fax machine makes its typical whirly, screechy noises.
  1. Confirmation of Transmission: After the fax is sent, the machine typically generates a confirmation page (or at least, it should). Some newer models might also show this confirmation on their digital screens, however. You should verify the information on this confirmation to ensure confidence that you have actually sent it to the correct number.
  1. Once the transmission is complete and you have your confirmation, head over to the service counter to take care of the payment for the faxed pages.

What Is the Office Depot Fax Cost?

As noted, there is a modest fixed cost per page for local faxing that may vary by location For domestic and international faxing, you will need to speak with the service counter to discuss prices, as they differ from store to store.

Bottom Line

While sending a fax with Office Depot is fairly straightforward, there are far easier options available to you – such as Fax Burner’s online fax service, which enables you to send faxes from your phone.

Interested? Simply download the FaxBurner app or visit FaxBurner on a desktop, upload an image of the document you want to send, and follow the on-screen instructions. Sending a fax with Fax Burner is simple, low-cost, and almost effortless.

What’s more, our service is free for the first five pages sent (total), and you can receive 25 pages/month!

Plus, we will even give you your very own 24-hour fax number, should you need it, completely free of charge. If you need a permanent number (or wish to send faxes on a more regular basis), we have highly affordable plans available starting at just $12.95, allowing up to 500 inbound and outbound pages per month.

That works out to just over 1% of the total cost to send the same fax through Office Depot. No driving around looking at the GPS. No scrambling for a parking space. No waiting at the customer service desk. You do it all from the comfort of your handset at a fraction of the price.

When you look at it that way, it almost makes you wonder why you’d ever need to step foot in an Office Depot for faxing ever again, doesn’t it?

So, check out Fax Burner today. It’s a whole new world of faxing right at your fingertips!