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Can I send a fax with Skype?


In today’s technology age, full of multifunctional apps and services, it’s valid to ask, “Can I fax with Skype?”

This article answers this question and discusses key faxing options you’ll find helpful. 

Fax with Skype – Yes or No?

Try Google “fax with Skype,” and you’ll see confusing opinions and information. 

Officially, Skype does not offer faxing services, so no one should believe or ask about it. 

Skype implements VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) to make Internet-based calls. 

Skype allows you to generate online numbers and receive incoming calls in the app. This feature is why some think the numbers can be used to fax. 

Faxing over VoIP is supposed to be possible, but it doesn’t usually work. It requires several adjustments and configuration settings, and even with those, successful faxing is not guaranteed. 

We do not recommend this as it is not a trusted solution. There are reliable and popular alternatives to faxing via Skype, such as: 

  • An online fax service. Most offer phone and fax service at the same time. 
  • Skype’s “send a file” feature only supports Skype connections and cannot work with a third party like a fax machine. 
  • A fax machine connected to a phone line. Printing and sending the fax from a store offering fax services like print shops. 

Online faxing services 

Skype faxing does not work perfectly, but there are many options for sending faxes online. Online fax service is a seamless alternative to conventional faxing. 

This virtual fax service allows you to store, sign, and receive documents from any device without an internet connection. Plus, you’re free from the cost associated with installation, supplies, and maintenance. 

Online fax service is dedicated to people who want to send a fax but don’t have access to a fax machine or its alternatives. 

Benefits of online fax service

If you usually send and receive faxes daily and use the traditional option, here are the benefits of using an online fax service.

Enhanced Functionality

Online fax services often have additional features that enhance functionality and improve user experience. These can include options for electronic signatures, email and cloud storage services integration, and the ability to send faxes to multiple recipients simultaneously. Some services also offer advanced document management tools, such as archiving, search functions, and automatic organization of incoming faxes, making keeping track of your communications easier.

Seamless documents organization

Let’s say you typically receive up to 20 faxes daily. This means you’ll need up to 600 pages per month. An online fax service uses cloud storage to help manage your documents. 

All your sent and received faxes can be stored online, allowing you to access them anywhere and anytime.  

Integration with Modern Workflows

Modern businesses increasingly rely on digital workflows and cloud-based services. Online fax services integrate seamlessly with these systems, allowing smooth transitions between different platforms. Integration with email services like Gmail or Outlook and cloud storage solutions such as Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive ensures that your fax communications are synchronized with your broader digital workflow.

Supports electronics signature 

This electronic signature feature on online fax helps you sign faxes easily from your mobile device or desktop. 


Traditional fax machines can suffer from busy signals, line noise, and hardware malfunctions. Online fax services are more reliable because they operate over the Internet. Many providers offer high uptime guarantees and robust infrastructure, ensuring your fax communications are uninterrupted and dependable.

Bottom Line 

Skype offers a convenient platform for businesses to communicate with their clients; however, it does not support faxing. 

Luckily, Fax Burner, an online Fax service, provides an easy faxing solution to users who need to send their faxes online.