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Is Online Faxing Secure? A Complete Guide to Using Fax Safely

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Although, at first sight, faxing does not seem to have a place in the modern, heavily computerized world, there are still some industries that rely on this type of service to send sensitive information. These are fields that fall under strict regulations and require a high level of security.

But you don’t have to be a doctor or a lawyer to use fax. Especially considering the fact that modern faxing varies from traditional faxing that requires access to a fax machine.

Today, all you need is a computer or a smartphone to send your documents and benefit from the easy and safe service that is online faxing.

Of course, asking about whether online fax services are secure is more than justified.

Living in the golden age of the internet made us aware of different threats related to existing in online spaces, especially when it comes to the security of our sensitive data.

Is efax secure? This blog post will help you gain a clear understanding of when online faxing is a secure option for sending documents and what are the benefits of internet fax services. You’ll learn the differences between sending efaxes and emails in terms of security and how to choose the best online fax service for your business.

Is Traditional Faxing Secure?

For many years, faxing was considered one of the safest and quickest ways to send information. Rightfully so – this method has a lot of advantages. Traditional fax machines use analog networks and connect to traditional telephone lines.

Thanks to that, you are able to send confidential documents without the stress of someone stealing physical copies sent via the post office.

It’s a much faster way of sending information as well, which is why faxing was so popular before the invention and popularization of the internet.

It doesn’t mean that traditional faxing is completely risk-free in comparison to other methods. One of the biggest concerns regarding analog faxing is that the information we’re sending is not encrypted in any way.

It’s possible to steal or intercept such information, which creates a risk of data loss and privacy breaches.

This, of course, is a situation we want to avoid when sending protected health information, sensitive company information, etc.

When we add it to the fact that traditional faxes also create an opportunity for unauthorized access (anyone within reach of your fax machine can intercept the information that’s being sent without your knowledge), we can see how analog faxing is not devoided of shortcomings.

Internet fax service is a valuable alternative for traditional fax machines, as these types of risks are easily avoided with efaxes.

Is Online Fax Secure?

The short answer would be yes.

Sending faxes online is safe, as many security features and mechanisms protect your information to ensure all data is delivered and stored with every precaution.

With online services, your documents are being sent according to the standard internet protocols (TCPIP). The data is split into different packets of information and encrypted to maximize security efforts. In such form, the documents are transferred across the country or internationally.

eFaxes are then stored locally on your device. It works very much like cloud storage, which provides you with the comfort of usage.

You can access your faxes securely from anywhere in the world. What’s more, you can expect online fax service providers to not store your sensitive information for longer than necessary.

This means that once you download your documents, they usually disappear from the online fax app or your online fax account unless you decide otherwise.

This may not be the hard rule for every online fax service, so it’s worth looking into when deciding which app or software to choose.

Many reliable online fax providers offer a two-factor authorization and a secure log-in prompt as well as change their services to be fully HITECH and HIPAA compliant, offering their users a full range of protection.

Internet faxing is not only secure but a very convenient option for many businesses and private individuals.

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Is Online Fax More Secure Than Email?

As we’ve established in the previous section of this article, the best online fax services provide sufficient safety measures to protect your data at every stage of the process. What does it look like for emails?

In most cases, you can’t expect the same level of protection when sending documents via email in comparison to online faxes. For one, if you don’t make an effort yourself, the data you’re sending in an email won’t be encrypted.

This is a significant flaw of this method of communication, as you are at a bigger risk of cyber attacks and information leakage.

Hacking an email is relatively easy, especially if you don’t rely on additional safety measures like Two-Factor Authentication and don’t follow email etiquette and safety rules.

Additionally, the margin for human error is much bigger with emails. Simple inattention can lead to sending information to the wrong person or more than one recipient. In such instances, it can be challenging to retrieve the information and ensure the highest level of security while doing so.

Simply put, online faxing services provide you with more advanced safety measures. Your message is encrypted with end-to-end encryption and inaccessible to unauthorized entities.

Even when a breach of information has taken place, you can be sure your data won’t be possible to decode.

The same cannot be said for information sent with an email, and that is why efaxes are the superior form of sending sensitive information.

Are Fax Apps Secure?

No matter if you’re using online faxing software or the fax app, your data are protected the same. Of course, this is true for companies with the proper safety measures in place. Many online fax service providers offer an extensive range of such solutions, but it’s not all of them.

That is why it’s imperative to learn about the particular company’s protocols before using their services.

With FaxBurner, you can expect the highest level of security with our TLS (Transport Layer Security) protocols that protect your data.

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Can eFax Be Hacked?

The risk of being hacked when sending documents via a traditional fax machine exists, although it’s not very significant. But when we take our business to the web, the situation may look a little different.

Is online fax secure enough to resist online attacks?

While the risk of being hacked is always there, attacking modern fax apps and online fax services is challenging.

The primary reason for it is the fact that all the documents you send via online fax services are encrypted, which means they cannot be easily read, even when intercepted.

It’s also worth noting that efaxes are an inherently safer solution from an internet security standpoint. For example, you cannot receive any viruses via online fax, in contrast to emails, where it’s entirely possible to receive and download a virus that can destroy your software and make other serious damage.

Thanks to many safety protocols, mobile faxing is very safe and easy to do.

Is It Safe to Use Free Online Fax Services?

Absolutely. Most online fax services offer some form of protection, as users who choose to send their files via fax require it. You can find a reliable and secure online fax service for free.

A great example of such a company is FaxBurner. We know how important it is to have a secure way to send faxes. That’s why we prioritize our clients’ safety and happiness, offering them our services free of charge.

Of course, you can also benefit from our paid packages, which entitle you to receive your own toll-free, permanent fax number.

Still, our standard offer gives you complete protection, securing your peace of mind when you’re sending faxes online.

Safe Faxing – What to Look For in Online Fax Services

The best way to decide whether or not a particular online fax service provider will meet your expectations is to educate yourself on what those expectations should look like.

In shorter terms, it’s beneficial to learn about what to look for in online fax services.

Here are some of the security features that a good online fax app, web or software will have. Not all of them have to be implemented to deem software useable and safe, but if they are present, it’s a sign you’re in good hands.

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)

SSL encryption ensures that all parties that have access to the documents being sent are verified. This security feature allows you to fully control access to your data, as you and the recipient have to have your identities confirmed before you get granted access.

Additionally, SSL encrypts the transmitted data, so any unauthorized parties cannot decrypt it. And finally, SSL digitally signs data, which means any form of manipulation when sending information is impossible.

SSL encryption is considered one of the most prominent forms of securing data transmitted online.


This one is relatively basic and easy to check. Every online fax web portal you’re using should be utilizing HTTPS technology. HTTPS protocol is connected with SSL encryption, both of which give you key information about a service provider you’re choosing.

The presence of both HTTPS and SLL guarantees that the fax services provider is a safe and verified party.

If you see HTTP protocol in the URL bar instead, you may not have the same guarantee, and you should proceed with caution.

256-Bit Encryption

256-bit encryption is practically a foolproof method of encrypting your data against any hacker attacks. 256-bit encryption has a larger encryption key, meaning the hacker would need 2256 different combinations to break a 256-bit encrypted message.

That is not possible even with the help of advanced technology. This encryption provides sufficient protection for your data, ensuring you’re the only person with free access to it.

Two-Factor Authentication

Two-Factor Authentication is one of the safety measures you, as an average online user, may be the most aware of. This form of security helps you to log into your online fax account via an app or web browser, ensuring you are the only person that can access your account.

Two-Factor Authentication can be used to secure your email, social media accounts, and other online accounts. It requires you to confirm any login attempt from the new device with a unique confirmation code.

Often you may deploy such technology to use randomly generated codes to verify your identity, making it really difficult to hack your account. It’s a valuable technology to implement when existing in various online spaces, especially with online accounts that hold sensitive information, such as your online faxing account.

HIPAA Compliance

If you’re working in the healthcare sector, deciding on an online fax service that is fully HIPPA compliment is a must-have.

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act is a federal law securing the personal information of patients and clients of medical insurance companies, healthcare providers, and similar entities.

It includes the requirements on how to protect these data and how to report any violation of privacy regarding such topics as diagnosis, medical test results or any treatment information.

For healthcare business faxing, choosing the online fax service that offers HIPAA-compliant software is necessary, as this is the only way to ensure a sufficient level of protection when faxing medical records and similar documentation.

Using Online Fax Services Is Easy

What is the main reason behind choosing online fax services over other options, like traditional fax?

It’s your comfort and safety. Online faxing gives you freedom and flexibility while still being a reliable and secure method of sending confidential documents.

With internet fax services, you can:

  • send encrypted faxes, in accordance with modern safety protocols, from anywhere in the world (with an internet connection),
  • benefit from HIPAA-compliant software, securing sensitive data of your patients and clients,
  • have easy access to faxes that are being sent in compressed sizes, quick to open and use,
  • manage all documents from your phone or computer, sending and sharing them in no time,
  • quickly obtain incoming fax records,
  • fax anytime you need to – no fax machine needed.
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Are Online Fax Services Secure?

Going back once again to our main topic, yes, online faxing is secure. Moreover, with its features, it is as or even more secure than traditional faxing.

With modern, well-designed apps like FaxBurner, you can safely send all your faxes and enjoy the freedom of managing your documentation online. You have the option to archive your faxes or sign a fax without printing it, all done from your phone or computer.

When choosing the best online fax services, look for safety measures like SSL encryption, or HIPAA compliance, to ensure all your data will be safely handled at all times.Learn more about how you can utilize FaxBurner for your needs and benefit from the free secure online faxing services.

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