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International Fax

How To Send an International Fax?

International Fax

Faxing has been a trusted means of communication for years, especially in the business world. It’s a vital tool that enables companies to send and receive documents quickly and efficiently. In today’s globalized world, international faxing has become a critical component for companies that operate beyond their borders. 

It creates more opportunities for profitable contracts, as it facilitates communication with clients and business partners from different countries. Here we will explore how to send an international fax and the key things to bear in mind while doing so. Keep on reading!

What Should I Do To Make International Faxing Possible?

In its basic principle, sending an international fax is similar to sending a local one. However, there are some additional steps you must take to guarantee that your fax is delivered successfully to a recipient from another country. They are as follows:

Step 1: Check Your Fax Machine’s Compatibility

Before sending a fax abroad, it is essential to check if your fax machine is compatible with international faxing. Some fax machines may not have the capability to send and receive documents to or from international fax codes. If you are not sure about it, check your fax machine’s manual carefully or contact the manufacturer for assistance.

Step 2: Obtain the Fax Number and Country Code

To send a document abroad, you will need to get the recipient’s fax number and the country code of his location. The fax country code is a series of numbers that must be added before the recipient’s number to indicate the destination you are sending the document. 

Actually, it is similar to what you need to do when making an international call. For example, the country code for the United States is “+1”, while the country code for the United Kingdom is “+44”.

Step 3: Dial the International Fax Code

When you already have the recipient’s fax number and country code, you will need to dial the international fax code. This code varies depending on your location and service provider. 

Most frequently, you will need to enter “011” before dialling the country code and recipient’s fax number, but you need to make sure it is valid in your case (asking your service provider may be a good idea). For example, if you are sending a fax to a number in the United Kingdom, you would dial “011+44+recipient’s fax number”.

Step 4: Send Your Fax

Once you have entered the recipient’s fax number and international fax code, you can send your international fax in the same way you would do it domestically. Check if the document is loaded correctly into the fax machine and that the recipient’s fax number is entered without any mistakes.

Additional Tips for Sending International Faxes

Here are some additional tips that are worth keeping in mind when you need to send a fax to a different country:

1. Check Time Zones

When sending an international fax, it is important to consider the time zone of the recipient. For example, if you are faxing internationally from the US to the UK, the difference can be even 5-8 hours, depending on which state you are in.

Check their local time and remember to send your fax during their working hours if possible to make sure that it is received quickly.

2. Add a Cover Sheet

When you are sending a fax to a different country, it is recommended to add a cover sheet with the most important information on both the recipient and the sender. Namely, such a sheet should include the recipient’s name, company name, fax number, and fax country code. 

Apart from that, you should remember to add your own name, company name, and fax number. This will help to make sure that your fax is delivered to the right person.

3. Check International Faxing Rates

When sending an international fax, it is important to check the rates charged by your service provider. International faxing rates can vary widely, so it is definitely a great idea to shop around to find the best deal for your needs and financial capabilities.

4. Confirm Receipt

After sending an international fax, it is a good idea to confirm receipt with the recipient. This will give you peace of mind that the fax has been received successfully. You can do this by following up with a phone call or email.

5. Keep Your Fax Machine Up to Date

It is also a good idea to download all the latest updates to your fax machine as soon as they are released. This will help to make sure that your device is compatible with the present international faxing requirements and that it will send and receive documents from other countries without showing any errors.

6. Consider Using Online Fax Services

If you frequently send international faxes, it may be worth considering using an online fax service, like the FaxBurner app. These services allow you to send and receive faxes from and to anywhere in the world without the need to have a physical fax machine. They also provide additional features making communication with your international clients or business partners easier and more convenient.

The Bottom Line

Sending an international fax may seem quite complicated at first, but all it takes is to follow the necessary steps, and it doesn’t differ from sending a domestic fax that much. With the help of our guidelines, you can be sure that your fax is delivered successfully and promptly. 

If you want to make the process of faxing internationally from the US to other countries the easiest possible, you can check our online fax services. In this way, you won’t have to worry about your fax machine’s compatibility with international faxing, but just simply use your laptop, smartphone or tablet to fax anything you need to any country in the world. 

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